Strategic Initiatives

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The College of Engineering is pursuing a set of strategic initiatives. The boldly ambitious plan promises a significant impact in the region, nation, and globe—and with an outreach to space. We will work on these initiatives through industry partnership, specialized research, and a thriving South Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will educate the next generation of engineers to solve existing and as-yet-unimagined problems.

  • Engineer better health, through research into and development of cutting-edge materials, devices, systems, and data analytics to support advances in medicine and public health.
  • Reverse, mitigate, and adapt to the effects of climate change aided by technological innovations, through research and discovery that leads to workable solutions for air and water quality, sea level rise, and more resilient and sustainable environments.
  • Unlock the potential of outer space to improve our condition on Earth, through research focused on aerodynamics, astrodynamics, propulsion, advanced materials and environmental technologies, satellite imaging, and related areas. Develop sustainable habitats in extraterrestrial environments to sustain life
  • Cyberphysical “smart” systems that will use our knowledge and innovations to integrate sensing, computation, control and networking into the natural and engineered environment to obtain and operate smart systems