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Rothberg Catalyzer AI Summit of The Americas
The event brought together CEOs, researchers, and thought leaders to discuss how industries are harnessing the power of machine learning technologies.
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The world is constantly changing, and engineers are at the forefront of finding solutions to complex global issues. Our mission is to educate the next generation of engineering leaders with strong scientific and technical skills combined with an ethical and moral outlook to create lasting impact. 

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Journal Helena Solo Gabriele

The detection of enteric viruses in beach sand

Work by Helena Solo-Gabriele and led by colleagues in Portugal show that viruses accumulate in beach sands.
Journal Helena Solo Gabriele
Nurcin Celik Research Paper

Effective sampling for machine learning in energy systems

Work by Prof. Nurcin Celik and her research group will help improve machine learning predictions to stay accurate as real-world situations change.
Nurcin Celik Research Paper

Multicore Federated Learning for Mobile-Edge Computing Platforms

Work by Jie Xu and his research group will help improve the efficiency and privacy of distributed machine learning in edge computing.

Biomaterial-targeted precision nanoparticle delivery to the injured spinal cord

Courtney Dumont and her team have developed a tool to help drugs localize to sites of injury that can be tailored to individual patient needs, while limiting drug side effects.