Welcome to the College of Engineering (CoE) of the University of Miami, where our outstanding faculty, students, staff and alumni daily strive to make the College an outstanding, integral member of the University community.

The College's history of accomplishments and growth inspire us as we seek new and broader ways in which to promote and perfect our College, both locally and globally. Please join us in shaping our future endeavors, as we continue to transform lives through our teaching, research, innovation and service. All of our academic and research efforts reflect our rich legacy and also aim to accelerate the College's impact in the next decades. The College is truly intent on helping to "build a Better U," providing hemispheric, excellent, relevant, and exemplary solutions to critical needs and issues.

With all members' active participation, the CoE winning team will continue to excel in all our efforts, whatever the field of competition.

Jean-Pierre Bardet
Dean and Professor (August 2015 - June 2019)

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