Senior Design Expo Projects 2019

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Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Device to Measure the Applied Pressure of Compression Garments   BME Our device interfaces a pressure transducer into an arduino through an I2C component.  The microcontroller is also fitted with a display board that allows the device to output a pressure value in mmHg mercury which can be compared to the tolerable range of the sleeve. Divya Bhansali Divya Bhansali Ramon Montero
Dennis Harrington
Benjamin Smith
Sean Hagert
Laboratory Inventory Management System   BME Using a ultra high frequency RFIDs, our group aims to set up a system to electronically manage the inventory in a laboratory. Individual containers will be labeled with RFID tags and a nearby reader will scan materials when taken from the shelves, incubator, or refrigerator. Brian Wahlberg Brian Wahlberg Ramon Montero
Emily Lausten
Mario Perdomo
Morgan Benson
Haley Kross
Wire Localization for Use in Lumpectomies   BME Our project is aimed at creating a medical device that aids in wire localization for use in lumpectomies. The device fixes the surgical wire in order to prevent unnecessary movement that may result in additional complications during surgery. Derlin Martinez Derlin Martinez Ramon Montero 
Nicole Thornton
Alina Diaz
Michael Correa
Comprehensive Organ-on-chip Platform for Long Term Culture and Analysis Physiomimetic Microsystems Laboratory BME Microfluidic Organ-on-chip platform that incorporates all neccesary components for conduction of organ-on-chip experiments and subsequent analysis of all fluids handled by the system. Daniel Carbonero Daniel Carbonero Ashutosh Agarwal
Adiel Hernandez
Jordan Hill
Michael Dvornik
EZ - Minute Brush   BME The EZ-Minute Brush is an automated dental mouthguard designed to provide an adequate removal of plaque and stimulation of the gums to maintain proper oral hygiene. The EZ-Minute Brush is composed of a antibacterial U-shaped toothbrush powered by sonic technology (5,000-15,000 strokes per second). The sonic technology allows for fluid to be driven between the teeth and along the gums to prevent bacterial accumulation, which is the cause of gum disease and bad breath, thus improving overall gum health. Faran Ahmad Faran Ahmad Ramon Montero 
Alejandro Rojas
Yaser Alwaznah
Sultan Almesned
Comprehensive Organ-on-Chip Culture and Analysis Platform Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal BME An organ-on-chip platform that allows for cell culture and dynamic secretion analysis inside an incubator. Jordan Hill Jordan Hill Ashutosh Agarwal
Daniel Carbonero
Michael Dvornik
Adiel Hernandez
Punch Biopsy Revolution   BME .Our project focuses on improving the punch biopsy. Our goal is to create a punch biopsy that includes the cutting mechanism. This would make the procedure faster and more practical. Later on, we would like to implement a way to extract the piece as well, ultimately needing just one tool to complete the full procedure. We are planning to use a plastic thread in order to cut the bottom of the sample and ensure a clean cut. We will create a hole in the bottom metal part of the biopsy tool where we place the thread inside while ensuring  its place using medical glue. Daniel Mann Daniel Mann Fabrice Manns
Juan Chiossone
Cril Lahrssen
Automated UV Light Guide United Health Care BME The Automated UV Light Guide is a robotic laboratory instrument designed to automate the curing of plated specimens by UV radiation. Joseph Tsuji Joseph Tsuji Ramon Montero
Surgical Drainage Tube Clamp   BME We created a clamp to keep surgical drainage tubes in place after patients have surgery. It is intended to create better blood flow and stability of the tube. Jasia Dickerson Jasia Dickerson Ramon Montero
Perry Diaz
Nasir Mason
Portable Uroflowmetry to Increase Patient Voiding Data and Improve Convenience University of Miami BME An at-home uroflowmetry device designed for pediatric patients with urological or renal conditions. The device can be set up in the patient’s home bathroom and collects the patient's voiding data so that physicians have more frequent and accurate data than what is normally recorded in a urology office. The device is designed to be easy to install on a toilet at home and be easily removed so non-patients can still go to the bathroom regularly. Mackenzie McDougal Mackenzie McDougal Jorge Bohorquez
Laura Puentes
Danielle Weinberg
William Hail
Zachary Kagan

Civil, Architectural and Environmental

Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Echelon Engineering - Coconut Grove   CAE A five-story, commercial/retail building in West Coconut Grove with sustainable features and LEED Gold certification. Austin King Austin King Matthew Trussoni
Robert Arnold
Aqyel Jafar
Anthony Ferreira
Justin Miller
Nicholas Hartman
Enrique Bossa
Adelaide Village University of Miami CAE Affordable Housing Saad Marafi Claudio Perez Matthew Trussoni
Saad Marafi
Luis Ostfeld
Aaron De Candido
Razan Al-Dousri
Zhangxiao Ma
Saad Marafi
South Miami Park Renovation   CAE With a vision of sustainability, T3 Engineering hopes to transform the somewhat neglected South Miami Park into a local attraction. Nakiya Clausell Nakiya Clausell Esber Andiroglu
Franca Siroit
Zhe Zhang
Abdullah Almutairat
Meshari Alrabeah
Matthew Shaw
South Miami Park Revitalization   CAE The project envisions an overhaul of the currently underutilized South Miami Park to turn it into a destination devoted to teaching people about the environments that make South Florida unique and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. The project is split in 2 phases: the first upgrades the park and adds a field building for the local sports league. Phase 2 includes construction of the Nature Experience Center (NEC), an interactive activity center themed around displaying a complete cross section of the South Florida ecosystems.  The NEC includes an immersive aquarium, roof top gardens, and an Everglades encounter. Joshua Dughman Joshua Dughman Esber Andiroglu
Rawan Alhajeri
Kevin Scott
Stefanie Getz
Carlos Michel
Nawaf Alshamary
Douglas Grand Development   CAE Douglas Grand is a mixed-use development which aims to benefit the Coconut Grove community from a social standpoint, while still providing a great investment opportunity for the developer.  It will include residential, commercial, and retail space, including micro-lofts presenting a unique opportunity for young professionals to live in an area historically unaffordable for such a demographic.  The aesthetics of the building maintain the indigenous culture in the area, while incorporating cutting-edge innovations such as a climate ribbon.  Our community aims to bridge the gap socially in an area continuing to divide, while providing financial incentives for both residents and investors. Rachel Deradoorian Nancy Lewis Esber Andiroglu
Isa Perez-Rios Bravo
Daniel Pattany
Michael Croly
Omar Al-Bahlani
Jeremy Borenstein
Rachel Deradoorian
South Miami Park Renewal   CAE Egret Engineering Enterprises proudly presents our design proposal for the renewal of South Miami Park. Our project aims to develop plans for a public park to facilitate exercise, recreation, and a sense of community. Our primary goals for the park zone are to bolster interest in sporting league activities, integrate accessible pathways that provide egress to and fro between the park and the surrounding community, implement natural areas and playgrounds, and to incorporate sustainable landscaping for resilient flood and water quality control. As the centerpiece, a LEED certified building is to be constructed for the convenience of the public. Tamim Zeineddine Tamim Zeineddine Esber Andiroglu and Matthew Trussoni
Murtadha Alarbash
Nour Alkhulaifi
Maytham Alqallaf
Yiling Chen
Samantha Mirante

Electrical and Computer

Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Wireless Individual Encryption (WIE) Fortinet ECE Wireless Individual Encryption tackles two main problems present with public WiFi networks. First, it creates a system of verification for wifi networks that prevents man-in-the-middle attacks whereby an attacker can “spoof” a trusted wifi networks which can be used to trick devices into connecting to an attackers network rather than the desired one. Second, it introduces encryption to previously unsecured networks that prevent an attacker from being able to intercept communication between the client and the network. Artem Sviridov Artem Sviridov Nigel John
Istvan Von Fedak
Sophie Watret
Matt Roesch
Jocelyn Kane
Pass Patrol Fortinet ECE As cyber attacks become more common, and password information is hacked, it’s important to change online passwords often. The goal of this project is to design and implement a working prototype for a password manager that enables users to change their account passwords across multiple websites en masse with a single operation. Users can expand their password library, adding plugins for new websites, along with their account information. Different websites require different plugins, which can be downloaded and added to the password manager. All passwords are stored in an encrypted format, with access protected by a master passphrase. Charles Mountain Charles Mountain Hammam Alsafrjalani
Shai Horowitz
Cynthia Rodriguez
UDrive   ECE Carpooling Ios/Android Mobile App Karla Belfort Karla Belfort Lokesh Ramamoorthi
Greg Patellis
Martin Friedmann
Jessica Vilches
Secure Wallet   ECE The Secure Wallet will be a locked wallet that uses a mobile application-based encrypted Bluetooth connection to unlock the device. The mobile application will connect to a server and link to a user's account so that they can connect to their wallet from multiple devices. A few planned features to be implemented in the wallet are location tracking upon connection and a waterproof seal. The device will be charged externally and will contain a waterproof removable seal over the charging port. Patrick Sutton Patrick Sutton Hammam Alsafrjalani
Emma Strecker
Bradley Sheehan
Forest Speed
Guardian   ECE Gun control has become a critical issue over the years, as a result of mass shootings across the nation and the fact that the US has the highest rate of firearm-related deaths compared to the rest of the developed world. We propose an automated gun detection and alert system based on deep neural networks and real-time video analysis with the goal to dramatically decrease gun violence. Mostafa Abdel-Mottaleb Mostafa Abdel-Mottaleb Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb
Rashed Kashem
Kevin Robbins
Mohammed Zain Usman
Legacy Media Processing   ECE Providing a method for mimicking the effects of an analog device digitally. A pseudo-transfer function is created to mimic the desired system. Lucas Martinez Lucas Martinez Manohur Murthi
Yu Qi
WindSOUND FPL ECE This project utilizes the WindSOUND board provided by FPL. These boards are placed within wind turbines and we are developing a Machine Learning Algorithm to detect when a mechanical failure is occurring based on the sound recorded from the board. John Hansen John Hansen Miroslav Kubat
Crystal Nattoo
Jonathon Zhou
Rafael Braga
Nathan Vanherp
PayUp UM Department of Public Health ECE  PayUp is a blockchain-based mobile friendly web application that will act as a online money transfer tool based around wagers made by two users. These wagers are customizable for betting odds and circumstance, and the outcomes are determined by a third party arbitrator who is mutually agreed upon by the two involved users. This arbitrator will determine the result, at which point money transfer API will transfer the wagered amount into the winner's account. The blockchain acts as a secure ledger for all transactions between users as well as secure storage for user payment information. Justin Moon Justin Moon Nigel John
Samuel Boley
Elias Stevenson
Krishna Brahmbhatt
Vibrated Alarm   ECE The project aims to implement a device catered towards deaf people. This device will function as an alarm for those who has difficulty hearing. The alarm will send electric signals to users to inform them of the desired time and would also be synchronized with a mic input to detect any security alarms that could go off in the surrounding environment.  This idea is catered towards the deaf market where people who have a hard time with hearing would be able to be woken up through vibrations instead of an audio output. Ahmed A Almubarak Ahmed Almubarak Manohur Murthi
Bovorn Wangrattanasopon
Hamad Albusaeedi
Ricardo Munoz
Omar Alghashm


Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Alpha Nodus Alpha Nodus IE Our objective is to design and develop a dashboard to be used to improve operations in outpatient healthcare facilities. The dashboard will be designed as a mobile application (IOS) that is integrated with Alpha Nodus’s real time data collection systems. The dashboard will deliver in real-time KPI’s to a mobile device along with a set of rules to indicate when an action needs to be taken. Kate Molinero Kate Molinero Nazrul Shaikh
Henry Drescher
Jared Welsch
Mathew Mendez
CMX Movie Schedueling Optimization CMX IE Maximize the occupancy rate for each screen for each theater under CMX. Mikel Juan Mikel Juan Nazrul Shaikh
Andres Alonso
Martin SInisterra
Meshari Alibrahim
Retail Store Logistics Process (Office Depot + Office Max) Office Depot + Office Max IE In 2015 Office Depot and OfficeMax Merged. Both companies had two separated retail, supply chain processes. OfficeMax stores “Converted” to Office Depot Supply Chain System and retail store processes. We have completed a set of Labor Standards for both OfficeMax and Officedepot logistics work and are currently using those standards to allocate payroll. Today, the way the business processes are conducted is not optimized.  The reason is due to: 1. Incorrect SOP process 2. Inefficient old OfficeMax process 3. Mixture of the two processes, Charbel El Barche Fawaz Almoneef Vincent Omachonu
Charbel El Barche
Leo Gonzalez
Jessica Builes
Clinic Resource Optimization Mount Sinai Medical Center IE Mount Sinai Medical Center has been rapidly expanding in the past few years. However, there have yet to be metrics implemented that will enable management to determine the clinic’s operational performance. We are looking to reduce patient turnaround times, provide recommendations on how to staff to volume, and standardize the process across different locations and/or specialties. Hannah Bernstein Hannah Bernstein Nina Miville
Alex Davis
Natalia Campo
Adriana Gorrin
Ryder - Optimal Holding Period Model Ryder System Inc. IE Ryder currently uses a financial model to determine the optimal time of retirement for a vehicle to the used truck center (UTC). Ryder is seeking another model to achieve their goal of finding the optimal time to retire a vehicle. Our objective is to minimize costs and maximize profit for Ryder by optimizing vehicle holding times. Jennifer Shorten Jennifer Shorten Ramin Moghaddass
Bruna Fernandes da Silva
Lea Perez
Jingyi Zhong
Operation: FloodGate AAR Landing Gear Services IE  Provide the optimal number of landing gear assemblies that should be in the shop at any one given time. Provide sensitivity analysis of optimal number of gears as to account for overtime and weekend pay. Arjun Padmanabhan Charles Wardlow Murat Erkoc
Arjun Padmanabhan
Brian Gort
Arjun Padmanabhan
The South Florida Transportation Efficiency Initiative N/A IE Our efforts will focus on collecting and analyzing data in order to create recommendations for an alternative transportation system for South Florida stretching from Homestead to West Palm. Based on population density, highways, and traffic flow our team will develop a train system that would benefit the residents as well as the environment while still holding a strong appeal. Taking into consideration the highways already built and the current layout of streets and roads we will develop a strategic concept for the future of South Florida. Charlotte Bowditch Charlotte Bowditch Nazrul Shaikh
Daniela Martinez
Breakthrough Miami Breakthrough / Ryder IE Breakthrough Miami has a vision for motivated, under-resourced students of Miami-Dade County to have access to excellent educational resources, and a mission to ensure these students’ success in graduating from high school and attending college. Breakthrough accomplishes this mission by providing an award-winning, eight-year, tuition-free academic enrichment program that uses a students-teaching-students model to make that vision a reality.  Serving 1,300 high-potential, 5th-12th grade students from across the county in a six-week Summer Institute and school-year programs, Breakthrough faces a challenge in providing a balanced and optimal means of transportation for its participants. Students from certain points of the route face one-way transport times as high as 2 hours. Our team has taken on the challenge in performing a complete assessment and evaluation of Breakthrough’s current process in transporting their participants from each stop to their respective schools, determine an optimal route of transportation to each school, provide a simulation of these routes, as well as a Decision Support System to assist in future planning. Robert Garzon Robert Garzon Murat Erkoc
Karim Ismail
Marcos Serrur
Fahad Alsafar
Omni Channel Improvment Office Depot IE The project is improving the processes and layout behind Omni channel in two locations Office Depot and Office Max stores. The Omni Channel consists three services which are In-Store Pick Up, Ship From Store, and Same Day Delivery. We are improving the processes by looking at the work elements and the facility layouts to understand the workflow and to identify soluntions and improvments Abdullah Alhasan Abdullah Alhasan Nina Miville
Jailyn Jenjins
Saad Bin Saeed
Kristina Bye
Robotic Process Automation at Citrix Citrix IE Utilizing robotic process automation to increase efficiency of processes that are currently completed manually at Citrix. Blaise Garfall Blaise Garfall Nazrul Shaikh
Tia Wong
AAR Landing Services Purchasing AAR Landing Gear Services IE In the Landing Gear Services business, they are faced with many complex decisions that deal with very expensive plane parts. One of the decisions that must be made often is the choice between replacing the parts in the shop with used or new parts. The way the process is done now, all the parts are replaced with new items, which of course comes at a pretty large cost. Our project will be creating a big cost-benefit analysis to compare whether it is beneficial to replace the old parts with new ones or used ones. If they are replaced with used ones, those parts will then be inspected and repaired by AAR’s own shop. Marc Tell Marc Tell Murat Erkoc
Zainab Alsaihati
Ahmad Tayeb
Omar Almukaimi
Optimization of Movie Theater Payroll CMX IE A key component for maintaining the desired quality of service to customers in a theater as well as limiting the expenditure for CMX is efficient staffing. This proposed project aims at the creation of a model that allows movie theaters to best decide what position to staff and at what times of the day. Eric Dolman Eric Dolman Nazrul Shaikh
Natalino De Simone
Maria Gabriela Espejo
Ana Cristina Finol
Ryder Fleet Management Solution A Ryder IE Create a model for Ryder to optimal the holding period for an asset (rental Vehicle) based on the rental demand cycle, age, cost, Miles driven, type of vehicle, gepgraphy, market demand, used vehicle and sale price Ahmed Alanazi Ahmed Alanazi Ramin Moghaddass
Sebastian Echeverri
Ahmad Ali
Adem Sahil
Bettering Blue Trading: Increasing Efficiency and Standardizing Workflows Blue Trading IE Our group is working with Blue Trading, a company based in Miami that purchases unused technological inventory from overseas and resells it here in the United States, to help them standardize their workflow, improve their facility layout, and help them to ultimately save money and time. Austin Smedberg Austin Smedberg Murat Erkoc
Emre Barlas
Michael Mouton
Mohammed Alothman

Mechanical and Aerospace

Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Automatic Wet Pet Food Dispenser   MAE Stores and dispenses wet dog food by using thermoelectric cooler and dispensing mechanism to make handling wet pet food easy. Christian Marquina Christian Marquina Hongtan Liu
Aaren Sirak
Jonathan Bown
Peter Stansky
Exhuast Port Heat Loss Reduction   MAE We are working with Mathew and Michael Swain on a Landfill project to use the mathane that is flared in a combustion engine to produce eletricity. We are attempting to reduce the heatloss in the cylinder head in order to increase the efficiency of the engine. Joseph Espana Joseph Espana Michael Swain
Nicholas Leber
Cory Gatlin
Richard Dale
B737-800 Redesigned with Co-Flow Jets and Hybrid-Electric Propulsion System   MAE The objective of this project is to improve the fuel efficiency and decrease the take-off and landing distance of the Boeing 737-800 by implementing Co-Flow Jets on the wing and vertical tail, as well as, by implementing a hybrid-electric propulsion system. Isabel Sanz Isabel Sanz GeCheng Zha
David Levi
Carlos Juan
Curveable Inter-cranial Ablation Needle   MAE The Curveable Inter-cranial Ablation Needle has been developed to ablate irregularly shaped brain tumors. More than 13,000 people die due to brain tumors each year. To better treat brain tumors which are often irregularly shaped, a curving needle can accurately target the tumor making the process quicker, more effective, and decrease risks. The needle uses specialized hemispherical needle shafts which when tensioned curve. This concept is implemented in Medtronic’s Visualase Laser Ablation Device. A plastic 3-D printed housing contains the control mechanism allowing manipulation of the needle curvature and permits use within MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) environments. Michael Miano Andrew Garvey Doyoung Chang
Shuvambharathy Pochi
Jason Blume
Michael Miano
Solar Energy   MAE Basically, we are investigating how much solar energy can we obtain from a solar panel installed in Miami Executive Airport. And how effective the solar energy would be. Hamad Almudhaf Hamad Almudhaf Mathew Swain
Abdullatif Altabtabaei
Ahmed Almutairi
ARTEMIS - A Refuelable Tug Envoy MISsion Dassault Systemes MAE ARTEMIS is a project that involves the preliminary design of a cislunar space tug and the physical design of one of its subsystem: a robotic arm. It began woth the intuition of winning a student competition and now it has a broader number of objectives Luiz Felipe Disconzi Lopes Luiz Felipe Lopes Victoria Coverstone
Dylan Bialek
Hiba Benkhye
FSGC Hybrid Motor Rocket Florida Space Grant Consortium MAE Built a hybrid motor rocket from scratch with a mission of attaining as close to 2,000 feet as possible. Ryann Hallums Ryann Hallums GeCheng Zha
Tim Child
Raden Gustinvil
Jacob Hollander
Clement Profit
Electrothermal Drill Design Improvement: Thermal Control Feedback System University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Miami MAE Ice core sampling is a technique used to collect scientific information about climate change by extracting cylindrical “ice cores” from ice sheets. Electrothermal drills, which use a heated annulus to extract ice cores, are a recently developed technology which are more versatile and less expensive than conventional drills for use in remote locations. Electrothermal drills are, however, typically less reliable than conventional methods due to issues related to loss-of-contact between the drill head and ice during drill operation. Our project seeks to alter the current standard design for an electrothermal coring drill head by equipping the device with an automatic temperature feedback control system, which should in turn increase the quality of ice core samples extracted with the ET drill and reduce the likelihood of head burnout which occurs during loss-of contact situations. A successful design should satisfy the nine engineering constraints given, and improve the viability of electrothermal ice coring for scientific research in general. Alexander Berne Alexander Berne Hongtan Liu
Kawan Amelung
Robert Haislmaier
Brad Guo
Emergency Electric Auxiliary Power Unit for Light Aircraft   MAE Single-engine light aircraft endure countless hours of operation and are left vulnerable if their engine fails in flight- especially takeoff. To provide the owner/operator of the aircraft an enhanced sense of security, and to mitigate costly repairs following an emergency landing, an electric motor is to be retrofitted to the aircraft. The electric motor is engaged via a cockpit lever, which decouples the failed engine and allows the electric motor to send power to the propeller. Onboard batteries provide up to 21 minutes of flight time, at 150 HP power output, granting the pilot additional time to land safely. Michael Lennon Michael Lennon GeCheng Zha
Jordan Buren


Project Title Project Sponsor/Company Sponsor (if applicable): COE Department(s) Project Description Lead Contact Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
Myoelectric-Controlled Exoskeleton   ECE, BME, MAE The objective of this project is to be able to implement a myoelectrically-controlled exoskeleton, using existing appendage structure as the base, in order to gain two degrees of freedom within lower arm movement. The two degrees of freedom include extension and flexion at the wrist and digits in order to grip and lift. The device itself will be modelled as a glove but with alterations to the basic design such as the addition of velcro to aid in the application by a physically-hindered person. Katelyn Menninger Katelyn Menninger Michael Scordillis, Abhishek Prasad and Ines Basalo
Jovanni Rabello
Michael Cacace
Sebastian Gallo
Haptic Guided Robot for Tumor Biopsy and Ablation Dr. Doyoung Chang of the UM Interventional Oncology Robotics Lab MAE, ECE We are designing and building a prototype of a novel medical robot capable of needle insertion with 3 degrees of freedom. The robot will be capable of haptic control and output the forces on the needle during insertion. Swati Narasimhan Swati Narasimhan (MAE) Michael Scordilis
Truman Lease (MAE)
Sarah (Sea) Amundsen (ECE)
Shante Hicks (ECE)