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It’s an exciting time to be an engineer. Our world is constantly changing, and engineers are at the forefront of finding solutions to complex global issues. Here, we are creating sustainable materials to mitigate the impacts of climate change, leveraging artificial intelligence to cure diseases, advancing autonomous mobility technology to transform the way we commute, and so much more. 

Our mission is to educate the next generation of engineering leaders. Our faculty is already leading the way, addressing challenging issues with bold initiatives, and taking students along with them for a unique learning experience. The College of Engineering provides you with shared research laboratories, including one of the most sophisticated 3D fabrication labs in the world. 

The larger University of Miami community also houses dozens of campus groups and professional societies to help you build lifelong connections. Take advantage of internships and our corporate partnerships. Miami is a flourishing ecosystem of economic growth, boasting a vibrant tech culture and a strong demand for future engineers like you. The opportunities here are limited only by your imagination.  

Important Computer Hardware Information

All software required for classes will be installed on students' laptops. More information will be provided during new student orientation. All engineering software runs on Intel/AMD-based Windows operating system computers. Engineering software will not run-on Apple hardware (MacBooks, iMacs etc.). 

Recommended Configuration:

  1. Operating System: Windows with the latest updates and patches
  2. Processor: Intel i7 processor or equivalent (AMD) 
  3. Memory: 16 GB or more
  4. Hard Disk Storage: 1000 GB (1TB) or more
  5. Display: 15-inch or larger 
  6. Graphics Hardware: A dedicated graphics card is highly recommended
  7. Additional Hardware: External 3 button mouse
  8. Three years of hardware and accidental damage support

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