Foote Fellows Program

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The Foote Fellows Honors Program recognizes the most worldly and academically accomplished incoming students at the University of Miami. Foote Fellows have the maximum freedom to shape their journey to graduation. The Foote Fellows of the College of Engineering (CoE) are called CoEFF. The CoEFF program has two major features:

  • Freedom and Flexibility: CoEFFs have the opportunity to explore a multitude of educational possibilities. They can complete additional majors and/or minors and study abroad without having to worry about meeting the CoE general education requirements.
  • Dedicated Advising: CoEFFs have a dedicated advisor to guide them through their academic path. The advisor also helps each CoEFF connect to University-wide and community resources and attain access to distinctive learning opportunities, such as faculty-mentored research, networking opportunities and off-campus internships.

In addition, the CoEFF program offers five distinctive options:

  • Hands-On Research Experience: CoEFFs have the opportunity to work in laboratories on current research projects, and are mentored by research faculty. CoEFFs have a portion of their travel expenses covered when they present their research findings at national and/or international conferences.
  • Off-Campus Internships: CoEFFs have the opportunity to take an internship in the industry during the summer break. CoEFFs have access to the most rewarding CoE internships, and they have a counselor to help them make the right connection with the industry.
  • Capstone Project With Industry: CoEFFs have the opportunity to take advantage of unique capstone projects during their senior year. Capstones projects are one-year projects that tackle real engineering issues and are funded by the industry.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: CoEFFs have the opportunity to explore their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. They may get help from the Launch Pad, a free entrepreneurship resource hub for UM students and alumni. In addition, CoEFFs receive training in innovation and entrepreneurship and seed money to help them create their own ventures.
  • Study Abroad: CoEFFs have the opportunity to take one or two semesters abroad without delaying graduation. They receive some travel supports to study at several institutions in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas that partner with CoE.

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