Victoria Popp
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Student Ambassador Profile – Victoria Popp, BSBE ’20

Name: Victoria Popp
Class: Junior
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Why did you apply to be a student ambassador?
One of the main reasons I ended up enrolling at University of Miami (UM) was due to a student ambassador inspiring me to pursue my passions in both engineering and medicine. They made it sound as an attainable goal at UM College of Engineering (CoE).

What advice would you offer to new engineering students?
New engineering student should always be open to new opportunities and experiences. If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are not growing and developing as an individual. There have been many times in which I learned valuable lessons from situations I did not anticipate. Students should always strive to actively listen to those around them and make valuable connections.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at UM College of Engineering?
We are a relatively small CoE which allows students the opportunity to make personal and lasting connections with companies and professionals. The professors at UM want to see every student grow and succeed in every regard. That is something not many schools can attest to and it is what sets us apart from other institutions

Describe what you are doing in this position.
As a student ambassador, I want to bring forth the presence of engineers looking towards other graduate programs such as medical school and law school. One of my deciding factors for college was the guidance provided to the students. The CoE does an amazing job at catering and tailoring its resources to help these students and I want to reinforce the idea that the transition is attainable through the CoE.

What did you learn at CoE that has helped you in your position?
The change in mentality from focusing on oneself to focusing on the prosperity of a group is what has proved invaluable in my experience. The CoE ensures that once students graduate, they are able to work as valuable team players.

Which College student organization stands out to you and why?
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is a CoE organization which I feel passionately about due to the need for an increased presence of Hispanics in engineering. SHPE has given people a family within the CoE which they can rely on and grow with. They focus on professional skills which cannot be learned in the classroom setting, as well as connecting people with major companies and professionals.

What do you feel you are getting out of this position?
Through this position, I feel as though I will learn many social skills I haven’t yet fully developed. There will be a broad range of people coming through the CoE looking to us for guidance. Interacting with students will help me learn how to communicate more effectively with them as well as parents.

Why has this been a good experience for you?
This experience has shown me that through persistence and determination, anything is possible. By nature, I am an introverted person who has a desire to help others. The student ambassadors program at the CoE has given me a way to help incoming students in a constructive environment and has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

What did you do during your summer 2018 break?
During the summer 2018 break, I shadowed two physicians, an emergency room doctor and an interventional cardiologist. I also volunteered at a local hospital in the Emergency Room and in the post- operative nursing station. At the end of June, I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica where we visited local schools, and donated supplies and materials to students.

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