Leslie Purvis
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Student Ambassador Profile – Leslie Purvis, BSCE ‘21

Name: Leslie Purvis
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Major: Civil Engineering

Why did you apply to be a student ambassador?
I am very proud to be both a student at the University of Miami (UM) and a part of the College of Engineering (CoE), so to be able to represent both of them is something I really wanted to do.  While applying to the University of Miami, I received lots of insight on what it would be like to attend school here and study engineering. I was excited to be given the opportunity to do the same for incoming students. Being a part of a group of people who make such an impact on those around them is something I always enjoy, as I feel the most productive with my time and useful to those around me when I am using it to help others.

What advice would you offer to new engineering students?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take advantage of your professors’ office hours, and be sure to review your notes after each lecture so when it’s time to take exams, you are already prepared. Lastly, while grades always come first, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!

What do you feel is unique about being a student at UM College of Engineering?
The best part about the CoE here at UM is the sense of community between students.  The same group of students tend to follow you throughout your classes, creating a comforting and supportive environment.  This encourages collaboration, group study and an immense motivation to do well.  There is only healthy competitiveness, as the success of others does not harm you as it may in other universities or schools, which contributes to even greater success for students.  Everyone seems to be rooting for you to do well, and everyone feels a sense of accomplishment when any party succeeds.

Describe what you are doing in this position.
In this position, I represent CoE at UM events, assist incoming engineering students by giving them tours of the campus and the McArthur Engineering building, answer their questions, and giving them tips and advice, as well as help set-up any other engineering related event that may need assistance, such as the Senior Design Expo.

What did you learn at CoE that has helped you in your position?
Thanks to the engineering classes I have taken so far, I have learned how to be a better leader, when delegation is beneficial, and just how important cooperation is between team members. In my position in ESA, we are always working as a team towards a common goal, so these lessons definitely come into play.

Which College student organization stands out to you and why?
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) stands out to me as a great organization on campus; they are dedicated to assisting civil engineering students at UM in every way possible.  From providing study spaces and tutors, to dispersing information related to research and internship opportunities, this organization is always looking out for the engineering students on campus.

What do you feel you are getting out of this position?
I feel lucky to be in this position as I have the ability to make incoming students feel welcome, provide them with advice to help them succeed and address their worries as well as their concerns. Being able to help students in this way always makes me feel great, as I know any advice from engineering students was always welcomed and appreciated when I was getting ready to start my first year.
Why has this been a good experience for you?

In the short of amount of time that I have held this position, I already feel like I have helped new engineering students feel more confident in their abilities to succeed and enjoy their time here at the UMCoE. Personally, being able to help people who may be worried or nervous about a new start is always a pleasant experience.

What did you do during your summer 2017 break?
I visited Quebec City, Maine, and Boston with my family during the summer. We spent lots of time visiting different historical sites, natural landscapes and tourist attractions.  I also interned at a design-build construction management firm, called Lemartec- a MasTec Company, where I used structure-designing software, visited construction sites, assisted in the estimating processes, helped to review architectural drawing plans and loading distributions.

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