Carnell Bolden
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Student Ambassador Profile – Carnell Bolden, BSME ’21

Name: Carnell Bolden
Class: 2021
Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Why did you apply to be a student ambassador?
Initially, the student ambassador program was something completely new to me. If I had never received an email about the program and how to apply, I may not have ever known about it. I promptly applied because I wanted to be a part of the ambassador cause: assisting engineering students as well as spreading knowledge about the student ambassador program and the College of Engineering (CoE).

What advice would you offer to new engineering students?
Apart from the conventional advice to use campus resources, such as tutoring services and advisors, I would say to find your true self; explore and engage in as many fun or educational activities that you can handle. My academic advice, however, would be to truly connect with your professors, take advantage of their office hours and find a study method which works for you.

What do you feel is unique about being a student at UM College of Engineering?
The most unique aspect of being a UM engineering student is being exposed to the vivid diversity of the student body. Not only are they diverse, but they are extremely intelligent as well.

Describe what you are doing in this position.
As a student ambassador, I anticipate that I will work collectively with other engineering students, ambassadors, professors and faculty to encourage prospective students to join the UMCoE, promote the College, and to support students in the engineering program.

What did you learn at CoE that has helped you in your position?
Having completed my first year as an engineering student, I learned the importance and complexities of learning at the collegiate level — that is, being able to transition into these demanding classes and learn to not only adjust, but succeed as well. My experience helps me with this position because I hope to encourage students so that they are instilled with the belief that they too can succeed.

Which College student organization stands out to you and why?
Although I am not member, I think the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) is an exemplary organization that stands out. I feel this way because I think they empower so many minds. Their events seem so beneficial and constructive because their members can benefit through either making connections, networking, or simply being inspired. Not only do they have great events, but they also partner with other organizations, which I think is imperative and allows the organization to be both inclusive and influential.

What do you feel you are getting out of this position?
Overall, I feel as though being given the opportunity to represent UM’s CoE and to assist in recruiting and help prospective students is a great product of being in this position. In doing so, I will gain crucial social and networking skills while making a positive impact.

Why has this been a good experience for you?
Although I have not yet done much with student ambassadors, as I am a new member I think it has still been a good experience. I am able to make connections and friendships with new people, especially the other student ambassadors.

What did you do during your summer 2017 break?
During the break, I mostly volunteered with an organization called Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. This organization’s mission is to make the transition from not being able see as easy as possible. We support thousands of blind individuals with various activities, ranging from hosting classes that help them adjust to being blind to assisting with daily tasks. This summer I mainly helped with SHARE, a program which delivers free groceries to clients across Washington D.C.

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