Mac Installation

Make sure you have a valid ViAComp account. Otherwise please see Dr. Zak (MEA, Room 229) to get an account

mac11. You need to have your wi-fi registered and connected.
2. Go to ViAComp Document Center, download the IEProCA.cer certificate file. Click IEProCA.cer certificate file to add the certificate
Instructions ViAComp MAC)3. Open KEYCHAINS and Select System
Instructions ViAComp MAC)4. Go to File and click Import items.
Instructions ViAComp MAC)Instructions ViAComp MAC)5. Click Open
Instructions ViAComp MAC)Instructions ViAComp MAC)6. Right click the certificate and click Get Info
Instructions ViAComp MAC)Instructions ViAComp MAC)7. Select Trust (open) and select Always Trust.
Instructions ViAComp MAC)8. Enter your credentials, click Update Settings and close the dialog box
9. Go to ViAComp Document Center, open Juniper folder, download Pulse Secure VPN Client and launch installation

10. Double click JunoPulse.mpkg

11. Click Continue on the Install Pulse Secure dialog window

12. Click Install on the Install Pulse Secure dialog window

13. Type your credentials on the security dialog window and click Install Software

k14. Click Close to complete installation on the Install Pulse Secure dialog window

15. Go to ViAComp Document Center, open VMWare folder, download and launch VMWare Horizon Client installation

16. Click Agree on the End User License Agreement dialog window

17. Drag the VMWare Horizon View Client icon to the Applications Folder Shortcut icon to install the application

18. Find and launch the previously installed Pulse Secure Client. On the application window click + icon at the bottom left corner to add a connection

19. Select Policy Secure (UAC) or Connection Secure (VPN) option from Type combo box, type your preferred name for the connection in the Name textbox, type in the Server URL textbox and click Connect

20. Select CoE_Cloud Realms and click Connect. You may save your settings

21. Enter your ViAComp credentials and click Connect

22. Pulse Secure Client has established the VPN connection now. Leave it open

23. Find and launch VMWare Horizon Client

24. Click Continue on the dialog window

25. Enter your credentials and click OK to continue with connection

26. Click New Server to add a Connection Server, type view6.iepro.lan in the Enter the name of the Connection Server textbox, check Always connect at launch checkbox and click Connect

27. Enter your ViAComp credentials, select IEPRO option from the Domain combo box and click Login

28. Select ViAComp1-2016

29. Remote Desktop in the cloud is now ready and fully functional

30. In order to disconnect first log off remote desktop

31. Then disconnect the Pulse Secure connection. To access again: First open and connect Pulse Secure and then open VMware and connect.

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