Laptop Initiative

ViAComp is the Virtual Academic Computing platform of the College of Engineering (CoE). ViAComp provides remote access to all the engineering software used in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses.

All CoE students should have a laptop to interface with ViAComp. ViAComp offers:

  • 24/7/365 access – through the web, either in wired or wireless mode – to the CoE course software, FREE, with each student being allocated his/her roaming storage space.
  • Students no longer have to be on campus or physically in CoE buildings to work on  assignments since ViAComp  is accessible from anywhere!

Here are the minimum equipment standards currently available from Dell. You can use other brands of computers. Note that Apple is now natively supported.

Although we have listed the specs for both standard and advanced laptop configurations, we strongly recommend that you purchase or upgrade your current laptop to the advanced laptop configuration to accommodate faster processing of information as well as to enhance your personal experience using your laptop with other applications.

You can purchase a laptop at any computer store, including the Bookstore of University of Miami, where all UM students can receive a discount on computers and software.

The University of Miami Information Technology has a dedicated staff and SUPPORT SERVICES for all your computer needs.You can find information about the recommended configurations for Windows and Mac. Standard configuration is more than enough but the website allows for change.ore

If you have any questions about the systems required, please contact Dr. Shihab Asfour, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at 305-284-2367 or at with any questions.

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