Undergraduate Advising

All engineering students during their freshmen and sophomore years are advised in the Undergraduate Advising office located in the Dean’s office. This office deals with all the incoming freshmen during the period before the students enroll at the University of Miami too. The advising office makes sure all the new freshmen take the math placement test and are placed in the appropriate classes.

 All incoming transfer students also spend at least a semester at the Undergraduate Advising office. During the period the office makes sure that all the transfer credits are evaluated to determine the equivalent class at the University of Miami. When the students have completed about half their curriculum, the Undergraduate Advising office transfers their files to the department, where a faculty member will advise the student until they graduate.

  1. Please read the “Information for New Student’s Registration in the College of Engineering” and then fill out the “Information Form” carefully. Please e-mail it to advising@eng.miami.edu as an attachment. This information will help us in selecting classes for you.
  2. The Engineering Advising office will register all incoming freshmen. We will do it after we have your ALEKS scores and get the “Information Form” from you. So please do these as soon as possible.
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