Study Abroad for Undergraduate Students

Spin a globe and pick a country. CoE students are provided with opportunities to enrich their education with a global perspective in emerging technological areas of the world. Studying abroad helps students see the world from a new perspective, develops new skills, independence and the self-confidence needed to survive and succeed in the global marketplace, puts engineering theory to practice solving real-world issues while improving foreign language skills, and provides graduates with a competitive edge on their resumes or graduate school applications.

According to a recent survey by the Institute for the International Education of Students the benefits of going a study abroad experience correlated to 90% who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice grad school, 80% reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments and 70% claimed that because of study abroad they were more satisfied with their jobs.

CoE students may consider study abroad programs with universities that aren’t engineering specific but are encouraged to study abroad at a Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) institution. CoE is a member of the Institute of International Education’s Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3), a consortium of more than 70 U.S. and international engineering schools, which provide opportunities for students to study in more than 20 countries. This consortium more than doubled our study abroad partnerships beginning in 2018 at acclaimed universities that specialize in engineering education.

Below, please find a list of all available universities participating in GE3:

Global E3 Member Institutions

Global E3 Member Institutions

The College of Engineering has dedicated faculty members in each department as well as academic advisors in the undergraduate advising office who are happy to discuss study abroad with you and to help you plan for a study abroad experience:

Departmental Contacts

Biomedical Engineering – Dr. Montero
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering – Dr. Trussoni
Electrical and Computer Engineering – Dr. Scordilis
Industrial Engineering – Dr. Fahmy
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Dr. Ram

Undergraduate Advising Office
Ms. Broadhurst
Ms. Sierra

For more information, please visit the study abroad website or contact their office at
or call (305) 284-3434.

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