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College of Engineering
1251 Memorial Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday, 10:00am – 4:00 pm
MAIN TEL: 305-284-2404
ADVISING TEL: (305) 284-3100


Registration Guide

For details on registering review the following documents:

Information About New Student Registration

CoE Information Form

Fill out the Information Form and email it as an attachment. This will help your advisors select the best classes for you. The advising office will register incoming first-year students after receiving their Information Form.

The Engineering Advising Office is responsible for advising first-year and sophomore students. Dr. Ram Narasimhan, Ms. Tish Broadhurst and Ms. Cassandra Sierra are here to serve as a resource and help you with any questions, problems etc. — no matter how small — that you might have. All students should read “Information for New Student’s Registration in the College of Engineering” detailing the process of advising and registration from the college of Engineering.

Academic Advising

All engineering students during their first and sophomore years are advised in the Undergraduate Advising office located in the Dean’s office. This office deals with all the incoming first-year students during the period before the students enroll at the University of Miami too. The advising office makes sure all the new first-year students take the math placement test and are placed in the appropriate classes.

All incoming transfer students also spend at least a semester at the Undergraduate Advising office. During the period the office makes sure that all the transfer credits are evaluated to determine the equivalent class at the University of Miami. When the students have completed about half their curriculum, the Undergraduate Advising office transfers their files to the department, where a faculty member will advise the student until they graduate.

  1. Please read the “Information for New Student’s Registration in the College of Engineering” and then fill out the “Information Form” carefully. Please e-mail it to as an attachment. This information will help us in selecting classes for you.
  2. The Engineering Advising office will register all incoming first-year students. We will do it after we have your Information Form. So please send this to us as soon as possible.

IMPACT: You and every incoming student in the College of Engineering are in the IMPACT (Integrated Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/Communication Track) program. Students in this program take all/most of the classes together. This helps the first-year students to get to know each other much more quickly than would happen otherwise. This facilitates students seeking each other’s help in learning as well as coping with the transition from high school to university. The students form a learning community, which enhances their university experience and provides a support system during their first year. The class groups are decided based on the mathematics class into which the student has been placed. The mathematics class is decided based on the student’s ALEKS Math Placement Assessment scores

 Entrance Exams and Skills Placements:


* Domestic Students – Newly admitted student’s Math Placement will be determined based on the SAT or ACT scores that have been submitted. If you would like to place in a higher level, you may choose to take the ALEKS Math Placement exam. Visit here for the Placement Guide and proctored testing dates and times.

* International Students – International students will be required to complete the ALEKS Math Placement. Knowing that the transition to a US academic setting can be challenging, this will ensure that your enrollment is tailored to your abilities and will maximize your chances of academic success. Visit here for the Placement Guide and proctored testing dates and times.

  • In order to be placed in Calculus class, you need a strong background in Algebra and Trigonometry
  • Students who already have Calculus I credit from AP, IB (Higher Level), GCE or dual enrollment do not have to take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. Please send the engineering advising office a copy of your scores.

AP/IB/CLEP Exam Credit:

Please send the engineering advising office the scores of the AP/IB (HL) tests you took in your first-year, sophomore and junior year at high school. For the AP/IB (HL) tests you are taking this year, you will need to make a judgment about the potential for receiving credits. Please make sure you accurately fill out the information form and e-mail it to the advising office. Let us know which exams you have or will have taken. Upon receipt of the results, please inform the Engineering Advising office by e-mail at You may check the AP/IB (HL) score tables online in order to determine the exam scores necessary for the awarding of University of Miami credit for specific courses.

Cognate Information:

Students at the College of Engineering have to fulfill the Areas of Knowledge requirement by completing three cognates, one from each of the three areas of the university curriculum: Arts & Humanities; People & Society; and Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  For students in the College of Engineering, their engineering major will count as a cognate in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  These students only have to complete a cognate in People & Society and Arts & Humanities.

  • All approved cognates are visible in a cognate search engine (at

Academic Requirements:

For a complete list of classes, you will take in your major by semester, please visit and click on the appropriate major.

English Requirement

English Composition I (ENG 105) is a required course for all engineering students.

  • Your placement in English Composition in the University of Miami is determined according to your scores on AP or IB tests.
  • Should you receive the appropriate AP or IB scores, you will NOT have to take ENG 105 or ENG 106/ENG 107 and will earn 3 credits each. AP CREDITS FOR ENG 106 CAN SUBSTITUTE FOR ENG 107 (WRITING ABOUT SCIENCE) IN THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.

 Should you receive exemption from (not credit in) ENG 105 through appropriate SAT or ACT scores, you will still need to take ENG105 in the College of Engineering.

Science Requirement

Most engineering students have to take at least one Chemistry course with laboratory and at least three University physics courses with two laboratories.  During your first year you will take the first physics or chemistry depending on your math placement.  You have to be placed in Calculus I or above for you to be registered for the first University Physics.