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Students depend on close advising from faculty and staff, mentoring from industry professionals, and help through College and campus programs.
Ready to study abroad? Here are usefull resources on the web for students preparing to study abroad.
Become familiar with and take advantage of the wide array of services, programs, and opportunities the College provides.

We strive to support student community, development, and well-being in both academic and beyond academic student affairs.

Academic advising is a collaborative process through which students, guided by professional academic advisors.

We provide a wealth of resources that ensure new students have opportunities to grow as individuals and academics in a supportive, safe and inclusive environment.
There are numerous resources on campus designed to support graduate and professional students

The University of Miami offers tutoring services for subjects taught at the College fo Engineering, recruiting highly qualified student tutors.
Virtual orientation provides valuable information that all new students should know!

Explore the University of Miami College Of Engineering buildings and facilities.