What Alumni Have To Say

The “U” has made a great impact on me both personally and professionally. My roots as an engineer began at this university and it is an honor to give back to the school and it’s students. It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to mentor UM students as they too pursue their dreams at becoming future engineers.

- Manny Miranda, Florida Power Light

The College of Engineering provided a safe and welcoming environment for me to thrive in. Their experienced staff and world-class curricula helped me develop not only as an Engineer, but as a contributing member of our culture and society. The CoE gave me the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology and a unique perspective on the world as we know it. My educational experience at UM served to be an invaluable platform and springboard for my career. It's great, to be, a Miami Hurricane!

- Amored Amaya, General Electric

The great emphasis on communication skills in the College of Engineering at UM made the transition from presentations to classmates to pitching to customers effortless!

- Shane Kemeny, Microsoft

"We aren't teaching you how to be an engineer. We're teaching you how to think and solve problems." That quote stuck with me because of the truth hidden behind those words. Yes, we gained the fundamental knowledge needed to work in engineering roles, but the skill set we received from the faculty allowed us to work in any role. The analytical and critical thinking skills allowed us to identify patterns, break down problems into their simplest parts, and think of solutions to problems from a different perspective. To be honest, my engineering background has actually made me more effective in my current marketing role. Being able to understand the demands of the market and translating that into technical requirements for the design and engineering teams at Sony has definitely given me an advantage.

- Deon LeCointe, Sony

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