Sustainability and Resilience Thrust Education

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Students working in a lab

Educational program/curriculum development based on needs emerging from the community and for engagement of industry professionals and alumni is a critical focus area of this thrust.

  • Community education and workforce development through multi-tiered educational programs ranging from interdisciplinary advanced professional degrees to certificate programs and topic specific apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Integration of research into coursework and senior design. Possibility of incentivizing undergraduate research should be explored, which can help create a research culture among undergraduate students.
  • MS in Construction Management Degree program (fully remote option in planning).
  • GPRO Certificate program in partnership with DCIE, MDC & Urban Green Council of New York (available in person or remote format).
  • Certificate Program in Innovative Structures and Materials – in planning.
  • Certificate Program in Technological advancements in Energy Utilities and Resources – in planning.
  • Certificate Program in Sustainable Water Resources in collaboration with OneWater Academy (a non-profit organization) – in planning.
  • Potential MS program in (Engineering) Sustainability and Resilience or adding tracks to our current MS CM program to address Sustainability and Resilience. Could attract much attention from industry. Explore possibly doing this together with other colleges.
  • Plan for further MS programs, including with fully online options to generate revenue (as an example Materials).
  • Curriculum collaborations with Graduate Programs established in other Schools: Master of Sustainable Business Program by Miami Herbert Business School, and jointly developed course with focus on technological innovations and forensic engineering with School of Law.