Energy and Environment Thrust Education

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students in an active class room students in an active class room

Education in Energy and Environment is provided through formalized degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level within the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil and Architectural Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

Students enrolled in these programs can choose elective courses that provide depth in energy and/or environment. The specialization in coursework is enhanced through mentored research experiences which focus on developing critical thinking skills necessary for developing creative solutions to meet societal needs.

To supplement the College of Engineering mission in education at undergraduate and graduate levels, researchers have received funding to augment the education initiatives through collaboration with Miami-Dade College to improve professional training within the community in the area of energy smart HVAC systems. The University is also dedicated to a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly campus through its Office of Sustainability with integration of Green U initiatives in classroom teaching.”