CoE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (CEIEI)

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The CoE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (CEIEI) is an interdisciplinary initiative of the College of Engineering at the University of Miami, and will work in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to turn ideas into action that can impact lives. Traditionally, innovation and entrepreneurship ideas and concepts have been uncoordinated and diffused throughout the college. Departments have embraced their individual interpretations and the efforts at leveraging the collective wisdom of the departments have been largely unsuccessful. Additionally, the involvement of alumni in this effort has been spotty at best.

CEIEI will serve as a hub and resource center for the College’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It seeks to connect innovators to education, mentoring, resources, community, and intellectual leadership. Over the years, the CoE has produced several innovators and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to society. One of the aims of CEIEI is to help entrepreneurial leaders and scholars turn knowledge into action while pursuing innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems. It seeks to build programs and collaborations with colleges, institutes, centers, and initiatives across the University of Miami. 

The formalization of this area as a thrust within the College of Engineering is vital to the success of this initiative. Each field of engineering reflects the capacity and appetite for integrating the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship in its educational research and curriculum. With this initiative, the opportunity exists for a bridge between the Innovation and Entrepreneurship thrust and all the other thrusts in the College of Engineering. 


The mission of CEIEI includes the following:

  1. To encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. To serve as a hub and resource center for the College, University and Community
  3. To connect innovators to education, mentoring, resources, community, and intellectual leadership
  4. To serve as a bridge between the CoE and other schools, colleges and centers,
  5. To help entrepreneurial leaders and scholars turn knowledge into action while pursuing innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems.


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship thrust in Engineering will have the following Pillars, with opportunities to expand and grow over time. 

  1. Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    The initiative will bring together current successes, as well as initiate new programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation:
    • Introduce courses for UM undergraduate and graduate students
    • Provide Faculty and students with mentorship and start up support. Encourage doctoral students to consider partnering with faculty to launch start-ups
    • Identify and promote research funding sources to assist faculty and students
    • Provide forums for educating faculty, students and alumni
    • Introduce a Miami Start up Speaker Series (include Alumni)
  1. Engaging Senior Design Students in Entrepreneurship
  • Showcase the innovative works of seniors and graduate students
  • Facilitate the transition from Senior Design to start-ups
  • Engage alumni and local entrepreneurs to work with the Coordinators of the Senior Capstone Design Courses
  • Serve as a repository of information regarding undergraduate/graduate competitions and contests in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, scholarships, peer-reviewed journals and publications and conferences.   
  1. Launch Innovative Undergraduate and Masters Programs with the Miami Herbert Business School
    • Activities including creating a Design Innovation Lab, expanding to possible Department or School
    • Joint Educational Programs with the Miami Herbert Business School (undergraduate and graduate)
    • Industrial Support with partnership through the UM Advancement Team
  1. Lifelong Learning and Outreach Programs

The Initiative will explore and create meaningful (in person and online) certificate programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.    


  1. Existing Resources/Cooperation Opportunities
  2. Future Resources/Cooperation Opportunities
    • UM Division of Continuing and International Education (DCIE)
    • Fellowships
    • Start-up Grants/Support/Activities
    • Foundation and Federal Grants/Programs
    • Advancement Team – Naming of Spaces, Offices
    • Alumni Support/ Fundraising (Fortinet, Ryder, FP&L)
    • Community Business Development

Participants: All College of Engineering Faculty Members, with activities open to all UM Faculty, Students, Alumni and greater Miami Community.

Committee Members:

  • Daniel Berg (Committee Chair, ECE, IEN)
  • Carlos Liverani (Entrepreneur, UM BME Alum)
  • Fabrice Manns (Chair, BME)
  • Vincent Omachonu (Chair, IEN)
  • Leonard Pinchuk (Entrepreneur, BME Distinguished Research Professor, BME Alum)
  • Francesco Travascio (MAE, CoE College Council Chair)
  • Derin Ural (CAE, CoE Associate Dean for Student Affairs)