Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning in Engineering

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Since 2016, the College has been implementing active learning pedagogies and faculty development programs. In November 2020, ABET accreditation identified the active learning initiative as a strength. To build on this success, the College will establish a Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Engineering.

The Center for Excellence for Teaching and Learning in Engineering will provide a bridge between the College and the University learning community as a whole, making sure non-engineering students graduate with a basic understanding of engineering just as engineering students benefit from required components in the humanities and social sciences. Technological innovations are critical and forefront in our lives, and it is our responsibility to immerse all students, not only engineering majors, to the basics of engineering.

Students will be provided with an environment that will engage their curiosity in engineering and technology at a multitude of levels. Additionally, the Center will also provide the College of Engineering faculty with opportunities to gain insight on the most effective pedagogies for STEM education.

About the Center

The Center will provide an organized platform to advance and pioneer educational initiatives in the College and University.
About the Center Active Learning Classrooms

Ongoing Activities and Events

The Center coordinates activities and events dedicated to professional development and inclusive learning.
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Meet the faculty and staff implementing the Center's mission.