Engineering Scanning Electron Microscopy Facility

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The Gables campus has distributed imaging facilities, and creation of this facility will enable integration of the various scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy facilities.

In addition, resources will be used to obtain cryo-electron microscopy and other imaging instrumentation. Both materials and medical applications will be the focus of this facility.

The Laboratory currently has the following SEM:

  • Zeiss Ultra Plus Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The following Table provides the cost for use of this facility:


UM Engineering Faculty & Students

UM Faculty and Students (non-Engineering)

Outside UM Academia

Corporate Sector and Non-Academia

Zeiss SEM

$ 50 / hr

$ 60 / hr

$ 75/ hr

$ 100 / hr


Additional charges for technician training and time may be incurred.

To make a reservation and use the facility, please click here: RESERVATION  Please click on the College of Engineering iLAB pages to proceed.

For more information and any questions, please contact, Mr. Elie Mehreb