Resilience and Sustainability Speaker Session

Speaker Topic
Larissa Montas Oil Spill Chemical Concentrations from Sediment and Water Sampled from Locations Prior to, Subsequent to and Outside Areas Impacted by Oil as Predicted by a Fate and Transport Model
Elizabeth Kelly A Study of Enterococci and Chlorophyll in the St. Lucie, Loxahatchee, and Lake Okeechobee Watersheds

Sung Hee Joo

New antimicrobial approaches for the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacteria in water
Alvaro Ruiz Towards full deployment of corrosion free concrete structures: durability assessment of composite rebars
Michael Swain Electricity Production from Landfill Gas
Prannoy Suraneni Pozzolanicity of supplementary cementitious materials
Katelyn Kosar A Bio-Inspired Approach for Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure
Babak Vafaei Use of Hydrogels to Improve Sustainability in Concrete
Landolf Barbarigos Enhancing the resilience of coastal structures and cities through collaborative design
Landolf Barbarigos Tensegrity: a structural system at the interface between art, science and engineering
Haluk Damgacioglu Towards resilient microgrid systems for smart cities
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