Healthcare Engineering Speaker Session

Speaker Topic
Alicia Jackson Bioengineered Tissue Construct for Knee Meniscus Repair
Xue (Sherry) Yin Energy Metabolism of Intervertebral Disc Cells
Francesco Travascio Optimizing the treatment of spine disorders
Freddy Gonzalez Badillo A tissue-engineering model to study diabetes
Annie Bowles  Islet transplantation on a chip
Gulistan Tansik Cardiac Amyloidosis on a Chip
Ramon Montero  Biomaterial scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering
Zenith Acosta An organoid platform for retinal repair
Wyndham Batchelor Engineering a Glaucoma Model Using Nanolithography
Siobhan Williams  Real-time imaging of ocular accommodation
Courtney Dumont Reconstructing the nervous system through tissue engineering
Darrian Rice  Protection and restoration of hearing and balance
Xiaodong Cai  TBA
Sung Jin Kim  Plasmonic sensing platform for point-of-care disease diagnosis
Christos Zacharias  Solving the Stochastic Appointment Scheduling Problem
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