Data Analytics and Cybersecurity Speaker Session

Speaker Topic
Saad Sadiq Reduced Residual Nets (Red-Nets): Low Powered Adversarial Outlier Detectors
Busra Keles The Role of Data Analytics in Operations Research and Management Science
Arda Efe Okay Gender recognition from surveillance video
Erotokritos Skordilis A Bayesian Filtering-based Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Sensor-Driven Condition-Based Maintenance and Real-time Decision Making
Nurcin Celik Understanding the high-throughput DNA methylation data via computationally affordable analytics.
Ramin Moghaddass An Anomaly Detection Framework Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Structure
Jie Xu Security-Aware Incentive Design for Cooperative Networks
Xiaodong Cai Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks
Kamal Premaratne Learning and Reasoning with Imperfect Data
Manohar Murthi Modeling and Inference of Agents in Time-Varying Networks
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