Prototyping Facility

The University of Miami College of Engineering is pleased to announce the establishment of a professionally staffed, state-of-the-art Prototyping Facility, available for use both within UM and with outside customers.

The 3000 square feet, air-conditioned facility is equipped to handle the most complex prototyping task (large or small). The facility offers:

  • the latest in computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, capable of 5-axis milling and turning;
  • Master Cam and Solid Works software, G-codes and conversational programming;
  • a complete rapid prototyping cube for very small prototyping;
  • modern wood working and sheet metal equipment;
  • a complete welding department including the latest in MIG, TIG, and Gas welders;
  • a vast array of manually operated manufacturing equipment.

With its certified professionals and experienced machinists, the Prototyping Facility is ready to:

  • educate students through hands-on projects;
  • facilitate faculty wishing to culminate their research efforts with functioning prototypes; and
  • collaborate with enterprises and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas and concepts into physical realities.

The College of Engineering’s Prototyping Facility can be your one stop for the realization of your prototype. For further information, please contact Mr. Troy Thompson or dial 305-284-4115.

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