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new faculty grid Banner of new faculty at the College of Engineering

Our College is proud to welcome the newest additions to our roster. Due to our collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, each new faculty member brings with them a world of possibilities.

Fateme RezaeiFateme Rezaei

Professor, Department of Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

The general goal of the work is to develop advanced materials and processes for clean energy and sustainable chemical processes. In particular, our research relates to fundamental and applied aspects of adsorption, separations, purification and reaction, including CO2 capture.

Chao LuoChao Luo

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Research interests include energy storage and electrochemical catalysis fields with a focus on rechargeable batteries such as Li-ion, Na-ion, K-ion, dual-ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries, multivalent-metal batteries, aqueous batteries and all-solid-state batteries. Developing new materials and new chemistries for high performance and sustainable energy storage devices.

Yingchun ZhangYingchun Zhang

Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Advancing clinical diagnosis of dysfunction in the human body through the fusion of functional bioelectrical activity/impedance imaging which includes functional neuroimaging, functional muscle activity imaging and functional bioelectrical impedance imaging, electrical stimulation and recording, advanced computational modeling and

Ye HuYe Hu

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research interests are in unmanned aerial vehicle for wireless communication; low earth orbit satellite communication; distributed artificial intelligence; cyber physical human systems and blockchain and network security

Chunlei WangChunlei Wang

Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Integrates electrochemically active materials with device applications. Development of micro and nanofabrication methods for building novel micro and nanostructures and synthesizing nanomaterials that have unique structures and useful properties for energy and biological applications.

Ali RownaghiAli Rownaghi

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Creating, understanding, and coupling advanced materials chemistry work with process engineering for chemical, biochemical, energy and environmental applications: sustainable energy, carbon capture and utilization, direct air capture, hydrogen generation and storage, continuous flow chemistry, and fine chemicals production.

Minghui ChengMinghui Cheng

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Developing efficient algorithms for risk assessment and life-cycle management of structures subjected to natural hazards and establishing digital twins for civil infrastructure to assist in moving towards more sustainable and resilient cities.