MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineers find careers in the fields of national defense, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, etc. Mechanical engineering also has a long tradition of breaking new ground in such areas as resource conservation, improved efficiency of energy-consuming devices and renewable energy sources. There are emerging opportunities in biomedical systems and devices, as well as nanotechnology and mechatronics. Alternatively, our graduates can use their education as a springboard to law, medicine, corporate management or further graduate studies.

The program is open to students who want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and professionals who have responsibilities in the engineering, architecture, business, medicine and law fields.

Industry Advisory Board

The MS program is informed by an industry advisory board with significant experience in mechanical engineering. To view the MS in Mechanical Engineering Program advisory board, please click here.


Students enrolled in the MS in Mechanical Engineering program must successfully complete 27 course credits and a three-credit independent design or research project.

Required Course

MAE 601Methods of Engineering Analysis3

Course # Title Credits

Electives – 27 Credits

Course # Title Credits
MAE 602 Vibrations 3
MAE 603 Internal Combustion Engines 3
MAE 605 Design for Manufacturability 3
MAE 606 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics 3
MAE 607 Advanced Mechanics of Solids 3
MAE 608 Intermediate Heat Transfer 3
MAE 612 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics 3
MAE 614 Advanced Internal Combustion Engines 3
MAE 616 Introduction to Composite Materials 3
MAE 621 Exhaust Emission Control 3
MAE 628 Fuel Cells 3
MAE 670 Aero Propulsion 3
MAE 690 Special Topics 3
MAE 691 Special Topics: Molecular Dynamics Simulation 3
MAE 692 Special Topics 3
MAE 697 Advanced Topics: Nanomaterials 3
MAE 698 Advanced Topics: Advanced Methods of Engineering Analysis 3
MAE 705 Finite Element Methods in MAE 3
MAE 713 Transport Phenomena 3
MAE 714 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
MAE 730 Mechanical Systems Optimization 3
MAE 740 Continuum Mechanics 3
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