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#MakesMoves – Toppel Insider Newsletter

Meet UM alumna, Amanda Durham! Amanda graduated from the College of Engineering with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2014. Upon graduating, she spent her first two years out of college at Goldman Sachs as an Operations Business Intelligence Analyst based out of New York City. About a year ago, she went back to her biomedical engineering roots and became a Product Manager for Oscar Health, a health care startup based in NYC that uses technology, data, and design to give members transparency into the health care system and empower them to choose quality, affordable care.

What she likes most about being a Product Manager is that she gets to exercise both her technical and business oriented mindsets, all while working with many teams across the company to make sure products are launched in a timely manner and exceed user expectations. Amanda says product management is a great career path for those with engineering backgrounds looking to get into a management track and develop a vision around products being used out in the world.

Some advice from Amanda: “Keep an open mind set on everything that comes your way. There is something to learn in every experience, whether it be the do’s and don’ts of working in a large corporation, a new programming language, or how to communicate across global teams. Don’t be afraid to take risks at the start of your career. There might be unknowns and outside pressures, but now is the time to stretch your skillsets and see what is out there. Join clubs throughout campus and really get involved in them. Take advantage of all the services that the Toppel Career Center has to offer. Toppel helped me with resume prep, practice interviews, and was there every step of the way throughout my interview process with Goldman Sachs.”

#MakeMoves this semester and take advantage of all Toppel has to offer! Check us out at

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