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Industrial Engineer Brings Home Best Student Paper Award

Congratulations to Haluk Damgacioglu, a PhD candidate in the University of Miami College of Engineering’s (UMCoE) Department of Industrial Engineering, who recently won the Data Analytics and Information Science (DAIS) Best Student Paper Award at this year’s Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) Research Conference.

Damgacioglu presented his paper entitled “MR2: A Two-stage Feature Selection Algorithm in High-throughput Methylation Data for Max-relevance and Min-redundancy,” at the IISE Annual Conference in Orlando during May 19-22.

“This is one of the most prestigious awards amongst the data analytics and information sciences community,” says Nurcin Celik, associate professor in the UMCoE’s Department of Industrial Engineering. “I am very excited to congratulate Haluk on this extremely well-deserved recognition. This award is a great honor.”

IISE is the world’s largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial and systems engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity within the industry.

Last year, Damgacioglu also received the prestigious Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship by the IISE — an award issued to a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in industrial engineering (or a field of its equivalent) for his or her academic success.

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