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Nigel John

Lecturer College of EngineeringElectrical & Computer Engineering Department
Work Phone: (305) 284-5564/4044


Research Interests

Computer/Network Security, Cloud Systems, Medical Informatics, Medical Imaging and Image Processing


    • University of Miami, Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1999)
    • University of Miami, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1993)
    • University of Miami, B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1989)


    • University of Miami, Lecturer. Electrical and Computer Engineering (2006 - Present)
    • University of Miami, Research Assistant Professor. Electrical and Computer Engineering (1999 - 2007)
    • University of Miami, Research Associate. (1995 - 1999)
    • University of Miami, Research Assistant. (1992 - 1995)


  • Juried or Refereed Journal Articles or Exhibitions

    • Menze, B. H., John, N. M. (2015).The Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS). IEEE Transctions on Medical Imaging, 34, 20,102,017.
    • Xu, J., Shironoshita, P., Visser, U., John, N. M., Kabuka, M. (2014).Converting Instance Checking to Subsumption: A Rethink for Object Queries over Practical Ontologies. Interanational Journal of Intelligence Science, 05(01).
    • Nabizadeh, N., John, N. M., Wright, C. (2014).Histogram-based gravitational optimization algorithm on single MR modality for automatic brain lesion detection and segmentation. Expert Systems with Applications, 41(17), 7820-7836.
    • Adbullah, B. A., Younis, A. A., John, N. M. (2011).Multi-Sectional Views Textual based SVM for MS Lesion Segmentation in Multi-Channel MRIs. The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal.
    • Younis, A. A., Ibrahim, M. O., Kabuka, M. R., John, N. M. (2008).An artificial immune activated neural network applied to 3D MRI segmentation. Journal of Digital Imaging, 21 supp 1, 69-88.
    • Ibrahim, M. O., John, N. M., Younis, A. A., Kabuka, M. R. (2006).Hidden Markov Models-Based 3D MRI Brain Segmentation. Journal of Image and Vision Computing, 24 no. 10, 1065-1079.
    • John, N. M., Kabuka, M. R., Ibrahim, M. O. (2004).Multivariate Statistical Model for 3D Image Segmentation with Applications to Medical Images. Journal of Digital Imaging, 17 no. 4, 365-377.
    • Bhide, S., John, N. M., Kabuka, M. R. (1993).A Boolean Neural Network Approach for the TSP. IEEE Transactions on Computer, 42 No 10.
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