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Chun-Yuh C. Huang

Associate Professor College of EngineeringBiomedical Engineering Department
Work Phone: (305) 284-1320


Research Interests

Mechanobiology, Biomechanics, Stem cells, Tissue Engineering


    • Columbia University, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering/Biomechanics (2001)
    • Columbia University, M. Phil in Mechanical Engineering/ Biomechanics (1998)
    • National Chiao Tung University, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1993)
    • National Chiao Tung University, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1991)


    • University of Miami, Associate Professor. Biomedical Engineering (2015 - Present)
    • University of Miami, Assistant Professor (tenure-track). Biomedical Engineering (2009 - 2015)
    • Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, Assistant Professor. Pediatric Dentistry (2006 - 2008)
    • University of Miami, Research Assistant Professor. Biomedical Engineering (2006 - 2007)
    • University of Miami, Assistant Scientist. Biomedical Engineering (2005 - 2006)
    • Miami VA Medical Center, Postdoctoral Research Scientist . (2001 - 2005)
    • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Graduate Research Assistant. Orthopaedic Surgery (1996 - 2001)
    • National Chiao Tung University, Graduate Research Assistant. Mechanical Engineering (1991 - 1993)


  • Juried or Refereed Journal Articles or Exhibitions

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  • Book Chapters

    • Vernon, L., Kaplan, L., Huang, C., (2012). Stem Cell Based Bone Tissue Engineering. Bone Regeneration -- Chapter: 1 (pp. Nov-32). InTech - Open Access Publisher.
    • Vernon, L., Huang, C. (2012). Stem Cell Based Bone Tissue Engineering in Bone Regenration. (pp. ). .
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