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Engineering Faculty Implementing Film and Lightboard Technology into Statics Instruction

Statics is widely considered to be a staple mechanics course in nearly all engineering curricula, especially aerospace, architectural, civil, environmental and mechanical. However, it is well known that undergraduate engineering students often struggle with statics.

By incorporating movie/film and lightboard technology, made available by the University of Miami (UM) Academic Technologies department, a pair of UM College of Engineering (CoE) faculty members are embracing new delivery methods for statics instruction with the intent of improving student conceptual understanding leading to success in the course.

Diana Arboleda, senior lecturer in the CoE’s Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, and James Giancaspro, associate professor in CoE’s Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, are exploring these innovative technologies as part of their ongoing effort to provide students with flexible and effective learning resources.

To learn more about how film and lightboard technology is being incorporated into statics instruction, please read the Florida Engineering Society’s (FES) article, highlighting Arboleda and Giancaspro.

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