Early Career grants

Dr. Walid Saad (Assistant Professor ECE) has received the CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation for his proposal “CAREER: Towards Context-Aware, Self-Organizing Wireless Small Cell Networks”. Research within the scope of this project focuses on the development of the next-generation of self-configuring wireless communication systems via interdisciplinary research that lies at the interface of communication theory, machine learning, game theory, micro-economics, and social sciences. The NSF CAREER award is one of NSF’s most prestigious grants awarded to promising junior faculty who exemplify the role of a teacher-scholars through the pursuit of outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of research and education within the context of the mission of their organizations.

Dr. Nurcin Celik (Assistant Professor, IE), whose research interest in Informatics centers on dynamic data-driven frameworks for self-scalable and robust simulations of critical power infrastructures, received a 2013 Air Force Office of Scientific Research(AFSOR) Young Investigator Research Award for her project “DDDAMS-based Real Time Assessment and Control of Air Force Base Microgrids. ”Dr. Celik’s project was one of only 40 chosen from over 190 proposals and will be funded for three years.

Dr.  Onur Tigli (Assistant Professor ECE)has been awarded the prestigious NSF Career Award for his project entitled “CAREER: Acoustics Lab on a Chip for Comprehensive Biophysical Studies of Tumor Cells: Towards Personalized Cancer Diagnosis and Therapeutics.”

Effective January 1 ,2014, this project involves Dr. Tigli’s research interests in the field of  bioMEMS/NEMS and biomedical nanotechnology  to develop smart point-of-care diagnostic tools for clinical applications. In this field, his current research deals with the development of integrated micro/nano systems for rapid and comprehensive blood, serum and other bodily fluid analysis.

Dr. Tigli also is affiliated with the Dr. John T. MacDonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute of University of Miami (BioNIUM) and  holds a secondary appointment at the Department of Pathology,  Miller School of Medicine.

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