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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers courses and provides facilities for three programs of graduate study and research, leading to the degrees of Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Arts. Within these programs much flexibility is permitted the individual student in organizing a program of study and research. Specific programs must, however, reflect the importance of underlying principles of the physical sciences and mathematical analysis to all phases of modern mechanical engineering. Within the department, specializations are available in Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion, Hydrogen Energy, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Solid Mechanics, Internal Combustion Engines, Robotics, Controls and Design. In addition, a specialization is available in the interdisciplinary field of Engineering Management. The interdisciplinary program is administered with the cooperation of the School of Business Administration. It is expected that each graduate student will indicate early in his/her graduate work, the particular area in which he/she intends to concentrate his/her efforts.


One academic year, or equivalent, spent in full time graduate study will be the minimum time necessary for a student to fulfill the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Both a 30-credit hour non-thesis option and a 36-credit thesis option are available. Students applying for acceptance to degree status must comply with the general requirements of the Graduate School. The student taking the Thesis Option must take an oral examination in defense of the thesis, and the student taking the Non-thesis Option must complete a 3-credit Graduation Project at the end of the course program. The Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Management Option) can only be taken under the Non-thesis Option. This degree specialization combines 18 credits selected from graduate business courses with 18 credits in a graduate engineering area of concentration. An undergraduate degree in engineering is required

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