Photo of Ines Maria Basalo Ines Maria Basalo Assistant Professor In Practice
(305) 284-3332
Photo of Emrah Celik Emrah Celik Assistant Professor
(305) 284-9364
Photo of James Coakley James Coakley Assistant Professor
Photo of Victoria Coverstone Victoria Coverstone Professor and Chair
Photo of Ericson De Paula Ericson De Paula
Photo of Victor Graham Victor Graham Associate Professor of In Practice
(305) 284-2571
Photo of Weiyong Gu Weiyong Gu Professor
(305) 284-8553
Photo of Ryan L. Karkkainen Ryan L. Karkkainen Assistant Professor
(305) 284-4097
Photo of Hongtan Liu Hongtan Liu Professor
(305) 284-2019
Photo of Ramarathnam Narasimhan Ramarathnam Narasimhan Assistant Professor of In Practice
(305) 284-2408
Photo of Giacomo Po Giacomo Po Assistant Professor
Photo of Singiresu S. Rao Singiresu S. Rao Professor
(305) 284-3308
Photo of Michael R. Swain Michael R. Swain Associate Professor & Associate Chair
(305) 284-3321
Photo of Qingda Yang Qingda Yang Professor
(305) 284-3221
Photo of Ge-Cheng Zha Ge-Cheng Zha Professor
(305) 284-3328
Photo of Xiangyang Zhou Xiangyang Zhou Associate Professor
(305) 284-3287
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