Advisory Board

  • Marina Blanco-Pape
    Chief of Water Management Division, Miami-Dade County
  • Paul Czerniak
    Staff Engineering Council NEE
  • Damon Ingram
    Professor of Aerospace Studies, University of Miami
  • Guy Lacombe
    Engineered Solutions Commercial Manager
  • Alioso Lopes
    Director, Material Support, Embraer Aircraft Corporation
  • Richard Perlman
    Director of Business Development at ATK
  • John Pittaluga
    President, Engineered Control Systems, Inc.
  • Gary Spulak
    President, Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc.
  • Enrique Suarez
    Sr. Associate at HNGS Consulting Engineers
  • Derek Duzoglou
    CEO, D Squared Engineering
  • Charles Tomonto
    Engineering Fellow - Metals Lead, Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing & Netscape Technology Center
  • Michael Swain
    President, Analytic Technologies Inc.
  • Diana PrKacin
    Manager, Business Development Southeast & Ontario, Quanta Technology, LLC


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