Double Degree Programs

Double Degree Program - BSEE & BSBE

A BME student who satisfies the requirement of the BSBE degree with electrical orientation as described in this Bulletin may also qualify for the BSEE degree by taking the following additional courses:

ECE 218 Data Structures 3
ECE 301 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3
ECE 302 Electronics II 3
ECE 303 Electronics Laboratory 1
ECE 212 Processors: Hardware, Software, And Interfacing 3
ECE 316 Structured Digital Design 1
ECE 336 Discrete-Time Signals And Systems 3
Select one ECE Design Elective 3
Select two EE Core Electives 6
Select three ECE Electives 9
Senior Project (ECE Faculty as co-sponsor)
Total Credit Hours 35

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