Neural Engineering, Signals, & Instrumentation

Our faculty’s research in this area includes the development of methods and devices to assess vision, hearing and balance, and to monitor neural function during surgery; neural interfaces, and neuroprosthetic devices. Our researchers are utilizing neural imaging, braincomputer interfaces, and computational approaches to explain neural function and disorders. Research is conducted in close collaboration with Anesthesiology, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Neuroscience, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Urology, and industry partners.

Biomedical Design and Instrumentation Laboratory
 Director Ramon Montero MEB 144 (305) 243-9133
Medical Imaging Laboratory Director, Weizhao Zhao MEA 201  (305) 243-1848
Neuroprosthetics Research Group (NRG) Director Abhishek Prasad Rosenstiel 4th Floor (305) 243-2330
Neurosensory Engineering Laboratory Directors Özcan Özdamar, Jorge Bohorquez MEA 168 (305) 284-4949
Sensory Electrophysiology Laboratory Director Suhrud Rajguru UM Ear Institute RMSB (305) 243-4641
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