Biomechanics, Microfluidics, Biomaterials and Tissue

Our faculty’s research in this area focuses on harnessing the power of cells and tissues to characterize native tissue and cell biomechanics to predict disease states; incorporating biomechanical signals to direct stem cell differentiation; engineering novel bioactive materials and functional tissue implants to treat cardiovascular, orthopaedic, ophthalmologic, and endocrinology diseases. Our researchers are also developing in vitro functional models of human physiology and pathology (“organs-on-chip”) to test pharmaceutical therapies, control the differentiation of stem cells, and uncover mechanisms of human disease. Research is conducted in collaborations with the Department of Pathology, Cardiology, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Medicine, the Diabetes Research Institute, the Stem Cell Institute, the VA Medical Center, and industrial partners.

Biomaterials Laboratory MEB 143 (305) 243-9133
Biomaterials/Circulatory Assist Device Laboratory Director, Fotios Andreopoulos Room 8075A
Islet Immunoengineering Lab Director Alice Tomei DRI 2011 (305) 243-7867
Mechanobiology Laboratory Director Chun-Yuh C. Huang MEA 168 (305) 284-4949
Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory Director Alicia Jackson MEA 169 (305) 284-2059
Physiomimetic Microsystems Laboratory Director Ashutosh Agarwal Room 790A, Biomedical Research Building (305) 284-8925
Tissue Engineering Laboratory Director Herman Cheung VA Hospital (305) 284-4949
Biomechanics and Gait Laboratory Director Shihab Asfour Room EB288, Industrial Engineering (305) 284-3297
Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory Director Weiyong Gu Room EB149-152 (305) 284-4968
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