Strategic Plan (Draft)

CAE proposed 5-year draft plan (AY16 to AY21)

CAE faculty has developed the following plan to:

  1. increase its relevance to UM education, research, innovation and service mission; and,
  2. engage in and contribute to the opportunities offered by the six presidential cross-cutting initiatives (i.e., Excellence in basic/applied science and engineering; Problem-based interdisciplinary collaboration; Hemispheric innovation; Educational innovation; Excellence in Administration; and, Culture of belonging).



CAE will invest in: i) increasing enrollment for MS students; and, ii) developing an interdisciplinary Master’s program.

  • Undergraduate: CAE will focus its undergraduate education efforts towards maintaining and enhancing the three current ABET accredited programs (i.e., Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering). Accordingly, CAE will strengthen its existing collaboration with the School of Architecture (SoA) and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).
  • Graduate: CAE will maintain its current traditional degree programs (i.e., MSCE, MSAE, 5-year MS, Dual MS, and PhD) and develop an interdisciplinary MS degree with Concentration in Construction Management (MS-CM) in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering jointly with the School of Architecture and the School of Business.



CAE will invest in: i) building bridges between CAE and other UM Schools, Colleges and Departments; and, ii) supporting the development of interdisciplinary research.

  • By engaging with other units within CoE and outside (e.g., RSMAS, Architecture, Art & Sciences), CAE will strive to develop a more viable research program under the umbrella thrust of Sustainability/Resilience focusing on problem-based interdisciplinary collaborations on strategic areas such as Energy, Materials and Water.
  • CAE will be an active participant and key partner in the multi-year transformational program being developed at UM intended to create research excellence and break down the barriers between basic/applied sciences and engineering.



CAE will invest in: i) encouraging interdepartmental, inter-college and inter-university research collaborations; and, ii) supporting translation and commercialization of novel science and technologies.

  • By further engaging its current and future industry partners and providing them with research and service initiatives particularly in the areas of materials certification and energy management.
  • CAE will become an active participant in local organizations/institutions such as the Latin Builders Association and the Frost Museum of Science to increase local relevance and visibility.



CAE faculty will strengthen its local, national and hemispheric relevance by engaging and providing services to professionals, technical organizations and the public via:

  • active participation and leadership positions in national and local chapters (i.e., ACI, ASCE, ASHRAE, ASTM, FES, ICRI, LBA, etc.);
  • editorship in national and international journal publications and conference proceedings;
  • service to companies thru ISO 170265-certified Structures and Materials Laboratory.
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