CoE Student Athletes on the ACC Honor Roll

  • Making the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Academic Honor Roll is quite an achievement. 

This Conference-wide Honor Roll recognizes academic excellence by student-athletes who participate in varsity-level sports and who register a GPA of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. Indeed, a record 2,909  student-athletes were recognized for their hard work in the classroom during the 2012-13 academic year.

  • Making the ACC Academic Honor Roll at the University of Miami is quite an achievement.

 All 18 varsity sports demand rigorous dedication to both academic and athletic pursuits. In 2012-13, 156 UM student- athletes made the Honor Roll, attesting to their academic and athletic prowess.

  • Making the ACC Academic Honor Roll as College of Engineering students is an extraordinary achievement.

 Balancing the demands of the rigorous curriculum and athletic competitions, seven engineering students managed to garner this prestigious honor. Excelling in basketball, diving, rowing, baseball and track, these seven scholars demonstrate dramatically how to balance academic and athletic careers. They even manage to incorporate engineering skills( ie. time management and process strategies) into their athletic endeavors. Each student athlete has distinguished themselves in their respective sport and inspires admiration for their dedication to both athletic competition and academic pursuits.

 The seven outstanding honorees are: Raphael Akpejiori(Senior, MAE), Garret Nygren(Senior, MAE), Ryan Otero(Sophomore, IE) Abigail Tinari(Sophomore, CAE), Jordan Tolson(Senior, IE), Anthony Wolliston (Sophomore, BME) and Nicole Zayan (Sophomore, BME).

Raphael, enrolled in the 5 year dual BS/MS program in MAE, is poised to play a pivotal role in this year’s basketball team’s full court press. His quiet determination is evident in both his studies and long term goals (to play pro basketball and work in the aerospace industry). Having worked hard over the past four years to establish well-disciplined study habits, he feels it is most important to be always mindful when sorting out priorities. Nevertheless, Raphael, who may have traveled the farthest (from Nigeria) to play and study at UM, encourages all student athletes to enjoy their college careers.

Garret, a senior in MAE, is a walk-on track team member who competes in the 400 meter races and hurdles who welcomes the high pressure of competition. “It helps clear my mind and focus my efforts.” For him, it appears that concentration and thinking skills are vital to both engineering problems and track events. A native of New Mexico, Garret chose to attend UM with a full academic scholarship but believes he has learned so much more “about myself through competing in track and field.”

Abby, a sophomore in CAE, enjoys the daunting challenge of combining environmental engineering, a minor in  music  and competing on the rowing team. “It can be exhausting! With my academic and athletic involvement, I only have time for one club—Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)—but all of these pressures don’t allow for procrastination and make me more focused.” Perhaps because she comes from a very small school in  Maryland (Bohemia Manor High School) one reason Abby chose UM was the opportunity (particularly in engineering) to study abroad ( she is currently in Australia for the Fall term). She also pointed out that the environmental engineering curriculum was a major factor in choosing UM. “This  type of program is exactly what I want to pursue and not readily available everywhere.”

Anthony, a BME junior, gives full credit to his faith, family, teachers and friends for helping him handle the pressures of excelling in competitors and academics. “Knowing that these people expect so much from me helps me stay focused , even when I am exhausted and drained. I can remember studying for a Physics exam between events at the ACC indoor championships! But its worth it to make those who believe in you proud.” Despite 6:15 am practices and a demanding class load, Anthony relishes his time at UM, advising all student athletes to take full advantage of all the resources (tutors, study halls, classmates) to make the most of their opportunities to excel.

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