International Cost of Living

International Graduate Student


Please Note:

*Tuition - The above represents FT enrollment of 9 credits at $2,030.00 per credit.
**Health Insurance - The health insurance fee is estimated and will not be set until later this summer. The anticipated increase for 2018-19 is expected
to be 10%.

Costs for married students accompanied by their families will be higher. For your first dependent (spouse or child), budget an additional $10,420; for each additional dependent, budget an additional $4,307.

Please note that if you are a US Citizen or an eligible non-citizen, you may qualify for the US Federal Government Financial Aid Program. Your eligibility for aid does not increase based on your spouse or dependents, it is determined based in your status as a professional student living off campus (or with parents – contact the Financial Aid Office,, for that COA).

Actual costs for Room, Board, Personal, and Transportation will depend on a variety of personal choices that you make, including:

  • whether you have a roommate, or live alone;
  • whether you own and maintain a car or use mass transit;
  • where you decide to live in relation to the University.

The expenses listed above do not include:

  • transportation to and from the home country and the United States;
  • the cost of purchasing an automobile;
  • an extravagant choice of entertainment or free-time activities;
  • any increase in tuition or fees for the next academic year;
  • any additional tuition or fees that may result from completing your studies in more than two semesters.

The University of Miami reserves the right to change any provisions herein, including but not limited to the tuition and fees, and any time with or without notice

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