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Alumni Share Post-College Experiences

University of Miami’s Society of Women Engineers and the Association of Cuban Engineers hosted an alumni panel at which alumna Roxanne Ramos, industrial engineer, AAR Corp; alumnus Yuray Rodriguez, supply engineer, Ryder; and guest speaker Sylvester Bert, member of the Association of Cuban-American Engineers (ACAE), spoke about their post-college experiences as engineers.

“They all shared their personal experiences,” said Eric Milton, a computer engineering major and president of UM’s ACAE, who attended the panel. “They explained that, as engineers, the transition into the workforce is a lot more favorable than with other majors. We have the desired talent, making us compatible with the workforce.”

The panelists discussed the different options that new professionals have when entering the workforce. Whether one prioritizes geographic location or seeks hours that allow working and studying, engineering allows the individual to choose a job that best fits his or her lifestyle.

Milton describes the value of holding and attending such panels, saying that “the speakers share their experiences and anecdotes, and in turn, help us, UM students, see what we want, and can, do.”

Jacquie Pape, a University of Miami mechanical engineering major, also was present at the panel and explains what the alumni discussed regarding going to graduate school right after receiving their bachelor’s degree: “[The alumni] explained that if you are steadfast on a specific area in your field, then going to graduate school directly after an undergraduate degree is for you.”

However, Pape also explained “not to undervalue going into industry post-bachelor’s.” Yuray Rodriguez joined the industrial workforce, and after four years, she decided to return to school for her master’s degree in business. “By going into industry, Yuray discovered her preferences in her field, and now what she learns she applies immediately,” added Milton.

“I, personally, love hearing about other people’s experiences. It’s how I learned about computational science, which is what I would like to focus on,” commented Pape. These are the people about whom we say, ‘I want to be like them in 10 years, 20 years.’”

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