Education and Outreach Programs

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The College of Engineering (CoE) will be embarking on setting up a series of offerings for the professional community through a variety of short courses and classes leading to Certificate Programs. 

These courses will target working professionals (with at least a BS degree) and range from refresher classes to advanced technology offerings.  A catalog of (CoE UM designed) focused classes and educational programs that merge innovative engineering practices with the latest technology and training to develop the next generation of workforce professionals. The courses envisioned for the program will require and use the full range of university faculty knowledge, skills, and expertise while providing students and professionals pathways to advancing their careers in Engineering and Technology (E&T). The E&T Program will incorporate the CoE Thrust Areas while serving as a standard of excellence and achievement for students and the University of Miami. The objective of the E&T Program is to create a workforce pipeline of talented and qualified professionals that will meet expanding industry needs.

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