Orietta Portuondo
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Alumna Profile: Orietta M. Portuondo, BSEE ’89

Current City: ​Miami, Florida

What did you do in the year immediately after graduation?
I started working at Florida Power & Light (FPL) in January 1989 and did so until

What do you do for a living now? What does a typical work week look like for you?
I’m currently working in the commercial and residential real estate industry. Our team manages multiple properties and warehouses. I also administer investments and general operations for multiple properties.

In what ways did your CoE experience have an impact on your career and who you are today?
Shortly after receiving a degree in electrical engineering, I was offered a job with FPL working as an engineer. They trained me extensively and with my background knowledge, I was able to learn and work efficiently.  The CoE provided me with the tools to learn anything that was challenging.

Describe your most memorable moment as a student at the College of Engineering (CoE).
As a senior, students are required to submit a final project. I recall working with a team of CoE students to build an alarm. However, we hadn’t been able to get the alarm to function properly the entire semester. It wasn’t until the day we had to present the project to our professors and peers that we managed to get the alarm to operate without flaw.

What motivated you to support the College of Engineering?
I want to share my knowledge and expertise as a means to help future ’Canes with their careers.

What advice would you give to younger alumni or current students who aspire to follow a similar career path?
Be sure to never give up on your dreams and goals, even when it may seem like there are barriers in front of you at times.

How would you describe the College of Engineering in seven words or less?
A great opportunity to broaden your horizons.

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