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Active Learning Lunch and Learn Seminar Examines Student Stressors

The University of Miami College of Engineering (UMCoE) welcomed Aaron Heller, assistant professor in the UM College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology.

Heller presented at the final installment of the Active Learning Lunch and Learn Series on April 12. He made an interesting and engaging presentation on “How can we better understand the everyday emotional experiences of our students to improve well-being on campus.”

Heller teaches courses studying basic cognitive processes of attention and memory, the function of emotions. Heller also conducts research at the MANATEE (Miami Affective Neuroscience and Translational Enterprise) Lab, which aims to understand the temporal dynamics of positive emotion in healthy individuals and individuals with mood disorders.

Mental health has become a critical issue on college campuses.

Heller’s presentation highlighted stressors that cause mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. He discussed mental health symptoms students’ exhibit and struggle with that negatively impacted their academics.

Attendees also learned about the resources that are available for faculty and students to take advantage off, which offers preventive tools, strategies, and interventions for reducing anxiety, increasing self-regulation and self-monitoring.

The Lunch and Learn Series affords faculty the opportunity to gain first-hand experience on how these active learning techniques can be used when teaching new content and how to apply these techniques within their own field of expertise.

For more information on Heller and his research, please click here.

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