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One Year Master of Science in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is concerned primarily with the systematic and disciplined approach to developing software systems. It requires the application of both computer engineering and computer science principles and practices to the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems and applications. Software systems are becoming increasingly complex, and emerging technologies are pushing the boundaries of reusable components and software quality assurance. The growth of software use in all areas and aspects of everyday life has increased over the past decades and has now become an integral part of society. The reliance on software in critical areas including infrastructure, transportation, utilities, national security, and defense has resulted in the need for properly trained and motivated individuals. ACM along with IEEE, has also indicated in their Computing Curricula 2020 (Dec 31st. 2020), that there has also been a shift away from knowledge-based learning to competency-based learning. They define competency as a combination of Knowledge (know-what) + Skills (know-how) + Disposition (know-why).

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The mission of the Software Engineering Masters Program is to produce graduates who have advanced competency in the design of reliable, trustworthy, secure, and usable software systems.