The College of Engineering has developed its strategic roadmap thanks to College-wide working groups made up of faculty, staff, and students.

Excellence in Basic and Applied Science and Engineering

Ashutosh Agarwal BME Faculty
Nurçin Çelik IE Faculty
Landolf Rhode-Barbarrigos CAE Faculty
Sung Jin Kim ECE Faculty
Ryan Lee Karkkainen MAE Faculty
Daniel Berg IE Faculty
  Initiative #1

Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Abhishek Prasad BME Faculty
Sung Hee Joo CAE Faculty
Xiangyang Zhou MAE Faculty
Ramin Moghaddass IE Faculty
Fabrice Manns BME Faculty
Onur Tığlı ECE Faculty
  Initiative #2

Hemispheric Innovation

Leonard Pinchuk BME Faculty
Landon Grace MAE Faculty
Suhrud Rajguru BME Faculty
Francisco De Caso y Basalo CAE Faculty
Jie Xu ECE Faculty
Murat Erkoç IE Faculty
Zeshan Aziz Student
Kawan Amelung Student
  Initiative #3

Educational Innovation

Jorge Bohorquez BME Faculty
Ines Maria Basalo MAE Faculty
Nina Miville IE Faculty
Michael Scordilis ECE Faculty
German Acosta Student
David Poole CoE Staff
  Initiative #4

Excellence in Administration

Angie Del-Llano BME Staff
Danay Cruz MAE Staff
Daritza Blanco IE Staff
Maria D. Rojas CoE Staff
Natasha Koermer Student
Khaled Abdelrahman CoE Staff
Emrah Çelik MAE Faculty
  Initiative #5

Culture of Belonging

Vincent Omachonu IE Faculty
Diana Arboleda CAE Faculty
Alice Tomei BME Faculty
Kyrah Williams Student
Diego Cusco Student
Ann Helmers CoE Staff
  Initiative #6

The groups are small so that they can work efficiently and purposely cut across departments to include faculty, staff and students but obviously they could not include all students, faculty and staff. Everyone, however, is welcome to share their ideas, comments, and suggestions with these groups. You may contact the working group members in person, by sending an email, or by using the online survey below.

All groups delivered their recommendations in a timely manner so that that the voices of the CoE faculty, staff and students could be heard at the President’s first retreat in May,2016. It remains critical that we all become proactive and provide an influential force in the President’s initiatives so the College can achieve higher levels of academic excellence. The Phillip and Patricia Frost’s gift for basic and applied science and engineering offers us a unique opportunity to reach new levels of excellence.

As depicted in the figure below, the recommendations of the six working groups will be useful in developing interdisciplinary perspectives to complement the strategic plans of our five departments.


On March 18, 2016, the working group recommendations and departmental strategic plans were shared and posted on the CoE website. An online survey on the CoE website allowed all faculty, staff and students the opportunity to give feedback.

On March 31, 2016, the revised recommendations and plans were submitted for approval through formal channels, including Faculty at large, College Faculty Council, and, where necessary, Faculty Senate.

Everyone’s participation and input are essential to shape the future of the College and the University. Together, we will advance a clear vision and detailed road map reflecting the College’s excellence and embodying the President’s initiatives.

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