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Biomedical Engineering

Photo of Ashutosh Agarwal Ashutosh Agarwal Assistant Professor
(305) 243-8925
Photo of Fotios M Andreopoulos Fotios Andreopoulos Associate Professor
(305) 355-5174
Photo of Jorge Bohorquez Jorge Bohorquez Associate Professor in Practice
(305) 284-1639
Photo of Gianluca D’Ippolito Gianluca D’Ippolito Lecturer
(305) 575-3388
Photo of Edward A Dauer Edward Dauer Research Associate Professor
(305) 284-2445
Photo of Andrew Dykstra Andrew Dykstra Assistant Professor
Photo of Chun-Yuh C. Huang Chun-Yuh C. Huang Associate Professor
(305) 284-1320
Photo of Alicia R Jackson Alicia Jackson Assistant Professor
(305) 284-2135
Photo of Fabrice Manns Fabrice Manns Professor and Chair
(305) 284-2335
Photo of Ramon B. Montero Ramon B. Montero Assistant Professor in Practice
(305) 284-2445
Photo of Ozcan Ozdamar Ozcan Ozdamar Professor
(305) 284-2136
Photo of Leonard Pinchuk Leonard Pinchuk Research Professor
Photo of Abhishek Prasad Abhishek Prasad Assistant Professor
(305) 284-2330 (CG); (305) 243-4886 (Med)
Photo of Suhrud M Rajguru Suhrud Rajguru Associate Professor
(305) 284-5434
Photo of Nelson Salas Nelson Salas Research Assistant Professor
(305) 284-8237
Photo of Alice A. Tomei Alice A. Tomei Assistant Professor
(305) 243-3469
Photo of Weizhao Zhao Weizhao Zhao Professor
(305) 284-6763
Photo of Noel M Ziebarth Noel Ziebarth Associate Professor
(305) 284-4520

Civl, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Photo of Esber Andiroglu Esber Andiroglu Associate Professor in Practice
(305) 284-2587
Photo of Diana Arboleda Diana Arboleda Senior Lecturer
(305) 284-6652
Photo of Jean-Pierre Bardet Jean-Pierre Bardet Professor
(305) 284-6035
Photo of David A. Chin David A. Chin Professor
Photo of James Englehardt James Englehardt Professor
(305) 284-5557
Photo of Ali Ghahremaninezhad Ali Ghahremaninezhad Associate Professor
(305) 284-3465
Photo of James W Giancaspro James Giancaspro Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Photo of Antonio Nanni Antonio Nanni Professor and Chair
(305) 284-3391
Photo of Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos Assistant Professor
(305) 284-3490
Photo of Helena Solo-Gabriele Helena Solo-Gabriele Professor & Associate Dean for Research
(305) 284-2908
Photo of Wimal Suaris Wimal Suaris Associate Professor
(305) 284-3458
Photo of Prannoy Suraneni Prannoy Suraneni Assistant Professor
Photo of Matthew J. Trussoni Matthew J. Trussoni Assistant Professor in Practice
(305) 284-2991
Photo of Derin N. Ural Derin Ural Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Professor in Practice
(305) 284-6385
Photo of Gang Wang Gang Wang Assistant Professor
(305) 284-5555

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo of Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb Professor and Chair
(305) 284-3291
Photo of Hammam Alsafrjalani Hammam Alsafrjalani Assistant Professor in Practice
(305) 284-3345
Photo of Xiaodong Cai Xiaodong Cai Professor
(305) 284-5329
Photo of Norman G. Einspruch Norman G. Einspruch Professor, Senior Fellow, and Dean Emeritus
(305) 284-3812/3810
Photo of Nigel John Nigel John Lecturer
(305) 284-5564
Photo of Mansur Kabuka Mansur Kabuka Professor
(305) 284-2212
Photo of Sakhrat Khizroev Sakhrat Khizroev Professor
Photo of Sung J. Kim Sung J. Kim Associate Professor
(305) 284-1941
Photo of Miroslav Kubat Miroslav Kubat Associate Professor
(305) 284-3264
Photo of Stephen Murrell Stephen Murrell Lecturer
(305) 284-3422
Photo of Manohar Murthi Manohar Murthi Associate Professor
(305) 284-3342
Photo of Shahriar Negahdaripour Shahriar Negahdaripour Professor
(305) 284-3352
Photo of Kamal Premaratne Kamal Premaratne Professor
(305) 284-4051
Photo of Lokesh Ramamoorthi Lokesh Ramamoorthi Lecturer
Photo of Michael Scordilis Michael Scordilis Associate Professor in Practice
(305) 284-3323
Photo of Mei-Ling Shyu Mei-Ling Shyu Professor
(305) 284-5566
Photo of James M. Tien James M. Tien Distinguished Professor & Dean Emeritus
(305) 284-7888
Photo of Onur Tığlı Onur Tığlı Associate Professor
(305) 284-1970
Photo of Michael Wang Michael Wang Professor
(305) 284-4041
Photo of Jie Xu Jie Xu Assistant Professor
(305) 284-8387

Industrial Engineering

Photo of Khaled Y. Z. Abdelrahman Khaled Y. Z. Abdelrahman Lecturer
(305) 284-8184
Photo of Shihab S. Asfour Shihab S. Asfour Professor
(305) 284-2367
Photo of Daniel Berg Daniel Berg Distinguished Research Professor and Interim Dean
(305) 284-4215
Photo of Nurcin Celik Nurcin Celik Associate Professor
(305) 284-2391
Photo of Murat Erkoç Murat Erkoç Associate Professor
(305) 284-4477
Photo of Mohamed Fahmy Mohamed Fahmy Lecturer
(305) 284-2393
Photo of Seok G. Lee Seok G. Lee Assistant Professor
(305) 284-2370
Photo of Nina Miville Nina Miville Assistant Professor in Practice
(305) 284-6225
Photo of Ramin Moghaddass Ramin Moghaddass Assistant Professor
Photo of Vincent Omachonu Vincent Omachonu Professor and Chair
(305) 284-2372
Photo of Joseph Sharit Joseph Sharit Research Professor
(305) 284-6472
Photo of Francesco Travascio Francesco Travascio Assistant Professor
(305) 284-2371
Photo of John Yao John Yao Assistant Professor
(305) 284-2344

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Ines Maria Basalo Ines Maria Basalo Assistant Professor In Practice
(305) 284-3332
Photo of Emrah Celik Emrah Celik Assistant Professor
(305) 284-9364
Photo of James Coakley James Coakley Assistant Professor
Photo of Victoria Coverstone Victoria Coverstone Professor and Chair
Photo of Ericson De Paula Ericson De Paula
Photo of Victor Graham Victor Graham Associate Professor of In Practice
(305) 284-2571
Photo of Weiyong Gu Weiyong Gu Professor
(305) 284-8553
Photo of Ryan L. Karkkainen Ryan L. Karkkainen Assistant Professor
(305) 284-4097
Photo of Hongtan Liu Hongtan Liu Professor
(305) 284-2019
Photo of Ramarathnam Narasimhan Ramarathnam Narasimhan Assistant Professor of In Practice
(305) 284-2408
Photo of Giacomo Po Giacomo Po Assistant Professor
Photo of Singiresu S. Rao Singiresu S. Rao Professor
(305) 284-3308
Photo of Michael R. Swain Michael R. Swain Associate Professor & Associate Chair
(305) 284-3321
Photo of Qingda Yang Qingda Yang Associate Professor
(305) 284-3221
Photo of Ge-Cheng Zha Ge-Cheng Zha Professor
(305) 284-3328
Photo of Xiangyang Zhou Xiangyang Zhou Associate Professor
(305) 284-3287
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