40% increase in Freshman Class

This Fall, The College of Engineering welcomed the largest Freshman class in recent history. Amazingly,  the class of 2017 surpassed last year’s engineering freshman enrollment by 40%. This is a remarkable achievement compared to the modest national increases (5-7%) posted  this Fall for incoming engineering freshmen classes and the measured increases CoE has registered in the past. Indeed, the 299 engineering freshmen comprise approximately 15 percent of the total 2035 freshmen enrolled at UM for the Fall semester.

This increase in enrollment continues the upward movement in the College’s undergraduate student body, which has grown from 766 in 2007 to 930 through 2012. The new class represents the usual breakdown by departmental major, with Biomedical Engineering drawing the highest percentage among declared majors.

Dean James M. Tien, in his welcoming remarks, noted that this class boasts some of the highest SAT scores within the UM freshman class. “You are both the biggest and brightest freshman engineering class that I have had the privilege to welcome to the College! We welcome you and hope to challenge you to gain the skills and can-do attitude necessary to become the technology leaders of tomorrow.”

The Dean also pointed out that this new class adds increased urgency to the College’s drive to expand its educational resources to meet the needs of all CoE students, both present and future. “Part of our Momentum2 campaign centers on providing the physical and academic resources essential to broadening  the horizons of our students and ensuring their future success as industry leaders.”

According to David Poole, CoE Director of Admission, “The  noticeable  jump in enrollment is in part attributable to the increased national exposure of the College( such as President Obama’s visit to the College in 2012) as well as the realization of the critical importance of a quality engineering education. Today’s national issues demand graduates with critical thinking skills, one of the hallmarks of our College.” He adds that this year’s freshmen maintain the College’s documented diversity, especially with female and minority groups. Indeed, recently, UM was named one of the top 50 Colleges advancing women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs by Online College Database, Inc.

Although their reasons for choosing CoE may be varied, the Engineering class’s goal is singular—to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

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